Salad Kisses.

your kiss reminded me of salad

crispy, light

and full of health.

but to me

its like starving an obese person.

I’m not saying your gross

or that you are eventually going to wilt,

I am saying you are a burst of fresh air

on the most humid day of the year.

you are a tall glass of water

after a long day of hard work.

you are relief

but  I am not used to using an umbrella when it rains.

I am used to getting soaking wet

and dancing in the rain.

I’m used to not being afriad of feelings

and love

because I have found someone

who lets me eat salad

even though in the end

I’d rather eat cake instead.

Everything is easier explained when it’s compared to food. Aren’t I right? 



Lemme know what you think :)

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