Pulling the Petals Off.

Last night I was hanging out with my friends Andrew and Sam. We usually hang out every couple weeks. I am used to seeing every week during the school year but now that its the summer, things have changed. But nonetheless, I enjoy hanging out with them. It’s funny how you meet people, complete strangers and than they turn into your friends. I was reading a blog post and the girl was talking about how amazed the “friend flower” blooms on some and not on the other.This post got me thinking after that for a while, friends are infact like flowers. Some you kill   because its too hot or some love the heat and will bloom anyway.

For my whole life, it always took me a while to get over the people who are no longer in my life. I am not the type of person who can just brush a person out of my life. If I have a bond with you, and I care about you, know I will love and appreciate you like family, and no other way.When people say I can’t get over the fact that we aren’t friends, I am over the fact we aren’t friends, I can’t get over the fact that you think that what you did was okay.

My new friends now are awesome because they get it. We all understand that our friendship may or may not stay together because we are going to all different schools but its okay because we are having fun now. It’s going to be tough for me because I care about them so much but I know if our friendship is strong enough we can atleast try to make it work.

The worst is when the people I really care about shit on me and think they are going to get away with it. I mean what makes them think “oh I’m gunna shit on Sarah today,  I don’t know why exactly, I just wanna see her cry.” Maybe I am too nice because I’ve never thought like that.

No matter how nice you are, everyone has a dark side. I know for a fact I do. With my creative mind I come up with things I wish I did, things I could say when I’m mad. People should be put in their place, and not many people do that anymore. In everyones life, they have one of those moments where they think they are all that, but really in this fucked up world we live in, everyone is the same.

People are fucked up in this world and its a shame..



Lemme know what you think :)

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