Thank God For Hometowns.

Today I was driving to red bank to meet my friend Scott for dinner and I was listening to this song on repeat. Not because I know all the words, but because as I was driving, the sun was starting to set and I was thinking about what it will be like moving from this town.

I’ve had my house up on the market for quiet some time now. It’s unfinished and my dad isn’t attempting to finish it.When my mom told me that we were eventually going to be moving, it was bittersweet. I’ve lived in this town in my house since I was four years old. I had my first kiss across of the street from my house by my neighbor that no longer lives there. I found out who I was as a person in this town. I’ve cried the hardest in front of this house. I’ve left secrets on ideal beach. I sang my heart out in the church a block away. Everyone sees my smiling face every year at the fair. This is my town. My turf. I know almost everyone in my neighborhood ( even if I don’t like them). But my future doesn’t lye between the walls of this house, or even in this town, its somewhere bigger

It’s strange that one day someone else will be living in my house, sitting in this very room. My things will be gone but a memory like writing my blog on my desk in my room is something that will stay in this house. This house holds tears, triumphs,laughter and most importantly love.
Going away to college is something I am not necessarily ready to do right now. In a year I will be ready, but right now I am happy I live home and even though I hate my neighborhood. Thank god for hometowns.


Lemme know what you think :)

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