What You Ask For.

If you knew I liked you

Why didn’t you do anything about it

In the first place?

What made you categorize me as

“Not good enough”

How did I not meet your expectations?

Am I too dark

too fat

too curvy for your liking?

Was it that my hair is not any shade of orange?

Do I not have enough freckles?

Are my opinion too outspoken?

Am not dumb enough for you to take advantage of?

Can you see my internal scars between my gapped teeth

Every time I laugh?

Do you think I am too innocent?

Virgin like in a sense?

I don’t wear cat ears

Or watch anime

If that helps.

I’m not high maintenance or a shopaholic.

I hate shoes and makeup

And jewelry of all kind.

I hate all clothes that don’t come Kohl’s

And name brands printed across my chest.

Is it that I don’t wear stilettos to the beach?

Or to the office?

Or to pick up my nonexistent child up from school?

Is it that I don’t  have enough drama in my life

Or that I’m not from New York

With an annoying mother

And accent?

Is that I ask questions

Even though really

I don’t give a shit

About what you say?

Does it piss you off

That I like to learn

and that I don’t just go with flow?

Or that I refuse to do something

I clearly don’t want to do?

Is that I have class

And you’re not use to that ?

I know you’d much rather have someone

Who doesn’t have any  emotions

Because attachment

Is like the kiss of death in your eyes.

But maybe trashy prostitutes

Aren’t the best choice

Because that’s the only person

That fit your laundry list

of unrealistic expectations.

Men are looking for barbie I’ve noticed… bitch please, half the US is obese… barbie doesn’t exist anymore. 


Lemme know what you think :)

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