My Love For True Blood…

My love for True Blood is becoming a problem….

For the past month or so, my mom has started watching the true blood tv series. In the beginning she wouldn’t let me watch it because of all the nudity but I’m almost twenty years old, a little bit of tit isn’t that big of a deal. I told her that I’ve seen the human anatomy enough in my life to know and that seeing someones ass cheeks wasn’t going to disgust me.

In any HBO series there is always a ton of nudity. I think they just throw a pair of naked boobs in the show just because they can. But I’ve realized that most of the fabulous shows are on HBO and now that I’m old enough to #1 understand the concepts and #2 look beyond the nudity without laughing like a 10 year old, I’m starting to gravitate towards those kinds of shows.

Right now, my mom and I are watching the tv show called True Blood. It’s about Sookie Stackhouse a telepath, and her journey through life in her town of Bon Temps. This town is a vampire town where she meets her boyfriend “Vampire Bill”. This town has a vampire bar (Merlotts) that is owned by the extremely handsome shape shifter, Sam.This TV show  has sucked me in and made me love and hate each and every character. There are so many story lines in this one show that one would get confused but at some point, they are all connected together.

Before True Blood became True Blood, It was a book series by the author Charlaine Harris. I’ve never read these books but my mom has. She would highly recommend. This series is amazing because everything is described in great detail and you really get to know the characters in not just the show but the book themselves. My mother loved the books so much that she was thrilled when she found about True Blood.

I think all should watch True Blood, its an amazing show and the screen play is impeccably written…

I don’t usually watch TV series and I don’t usually like anything vampire-like ( ew Twilight) but this show is raw and gritty and in anything whether it be books are TV shows, that’s what I like. Fluff ( like Glee) shouldn’t be written or directed on television, I believe it doesn’t help the brain work. Also, the music soundtrack in this series in AMAZING.. I don’t really pay attention to the music ( I listen to the lyrics more so…) but this soundtrack for this show is awesome.. this show is going to go far.. I can already see it now..



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