Half Way There.

I was talking to one of my friends today about our lives. We were both surprised of who entered our lives and who faded away with time. I walked on the beach today  and this woman came up to me and asked me who I was, I was surprised because not many people do that but we live in a small town… so it wasn’t too shocking. Turns out she used to be a class mom at my elementary school and I hadn’t seen her since I was 10 years old. I love when people see me  when they haven’t seen me in years and tell me how different I look. Well no shit, of course I look different, its been almost 10 years since you’ve seen me…. 

Many people tell me that I haven’t changed since I was little. My face looks pretty much the same. I honestly i think my teeth makes me look young, I really don’t wanna get braces but maybe I will eventually..but I really don’t wanna go through it. I don’t mind having a gap in my teeth, I think I would look different if I had teeth with no spaces. I don’t mind it, sometimes it bothers me but not all the time. Guys still look at me, its not like I have shitty teeth. They just aren’t close together. 

My friend was telling me about this guy she just started dating and how it feels like middle school. When I met Scottie, I felt just like that, its like you are surprised that this guy is even talking to you in the first place. I always wondered why me? why did he pick me out of all the girls in the world to talk to. I personally don’t think I’m all that pretty so I guess because of my lack of confidence when guys talk to me in general I think its kind of shocking. I was thinking today as I was driving back to work about all the memories in the last year. Some bad, some good, but in the end, they are things I will never forget.

 I’ve realized just in this half way mark in the year, that I still have a lot to learn and that there is always a blessing hidden behind every bad thing that happens. 



Lemme know what you think :)

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