Stamp it with a Heart.

Have any of you written a letter to a girlfriend or boyfriend and left it somewhere they could find it? Trust me, I’ve done it a ton of times. I would put little notes ( most likely on the back of school papers) on my friend Scott’s car all the time. They were stupid little notes  that would say “Hey I miss you, text me” or “just trying to be creepy, hope it made you smile” When I was younger than I am now, I did this all the time. In middle school I would slip notes under the table so when the boys I liked at the time got to class, they would find it. Sometimes they  never got the notes,but 85% of time, they did. I always thought I was cute for doing this. I thought that they thought I was quirky for doing it . But really 90% of the time, they never read those notes, they just threw it in the trash.

I was talking to my friend John last night on the phone. My friend John puts me back on track when I second guess  situations in my life. He tells me I have nothing to worry about and he is the only one I believe. He is a guy who has been through enough shit that in reality, he should be much older than he really is. John gets me because he can see two sides to every situation and he isn’t biased about anything. He is neutral and he only cares about what makes me really happy. You don’t find many guys like that anymore.

I am watching the first season of True Blood right now and I was watching one episodes today and Sookie Stackhouse ( the telepath)was showing us flash blacks of her old dates she had been on before meeting Vampire Bill . Many of the guys were  using her for her body or her boobs or anything physical l and personally, I didn’t get that. We all know men do this, but what I don’t understand is that why? Why can’t some guys see beyond the cup size?

I know some guys are gentlemen but believe me, there are a select few I know who clearly aren’t. This other guy I know is   such a mans man that all he discusses are his custom car shop he wants to own every time we hang out, Like he doesn’t ask me what I want to be, he doesn’t care because its not about him. I guess I must sound stupid and contradictive because I know I talk about writing more than I talk about other things. I never thought it was a problem because  writing is a multi gender “sport” if you wanted to call it that and I don’t talk constantly about it.

Today I was cleaning some papers at Scottie’s  and I found a note I wrote to scottie a year ago.I was so immature. I was so little. It is embarrassing because at that time I thought drawing   smiley faces  and hearts all over the note was fine . Even if it was stupid and a pointless letter, it was really cute that he kept it.

I’m trying not to fall asleep… I wish we all had the same time zones…



Lemme know what you think :)

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