I Really Don’t Need You, But it’s Nice to Have You Here.

So tonight I was scrolling through my Facebook News Feed and I came across to a status and comments that really was relatable to me. 

My friend said :”I don’t understand why people feel they NEED to have a boyfriend or girlfriend. I’m not judging but I feel people need to be comfortable with themselvesand be independent. I never once thought “oh my god being single sucks I need a bf.” I am happy being single & if someone comes around and changes that,that’s great, but I don’t sit around hoping and looking for a bf. These things come to you… Once you stop looking.”(Facebook,K.Schreiber)


    I was also talking to a few of my guy friends lately about relationships. I’ve been seeing someone for a while but that doesn’t make us boyfriend and girlfriend. It doesn’t make us “friend zoned” either.We are just “seeing each other” and if that sounds too old school than I don’t know how to explain it any other way. 

When I was in school ( preferably high school) I always wanted a boyfriend. I wanted a boyfriend because all the other girls had boyfriends.For a while, I thought I was just ugly because all the guys wanted the stick girls from the cheer leading team and than the nerds and the people who weren’t so popular started getting boyfriends and that didn’t make things even better. In high school, in your brain you think that  relationships are going to last forever. You start looking at prom dresses because you know you’ll have a date and than granted, a month after you start “dating” he breaks up with you over Facebook and you eat icing out of the jar  while watching a survivor marathon ( true story).You seem so heart broken at the time and every single woman empowering song by beyonce is like your anthem and you think no one gets you but honey please, they weren’t making songs about it if people didn’t feel it.

Before I started seeing Scott, I was single for a very long time. It didn’t necessarily “suck” but I’m not gonna lie and say I’ve never been extremely jealous. I always been so envious of these stupid girls with luxurious long hair wearing name brands across there flat chests.. Back then I thought guys liked girls with flat chests.I’ve had a chest since the fourth grade. Now I am starting to actually realize that men hate girls that look like boys.  Even those these girls had boyfriends at such a young age, in reality, these skinny bitches were getting hurt and crying and I wasn’t, so really I was winning

But there is one thing I’ve learned in the year I’ve been seeing Scott. It’s that you have to go with the flow. At times it may be a quick and it can fizzle quick or it can it start out slow and get better. Its different with every person you date. The longer you stay with a person, you start to realize how slow “the train” is going to be going. Me personally, I like a moderately fast train. I don’t wanna  to be with someone that I have work hard to be with them. Everything should be easy and many people forget that. When you work hard to get a boyfriend or to be with someone it most likely won’t happen very long. My mom always told me that it once the time was right and that when I stopped looking for someone, they would come to me, and of course my mother was right. I remember I wasn’t looking for anyone when I met Scott. None of my friends had boyfriends, I thought some guys were cute but I wasn’t perusing  anyone.Once you stop looking and just start being yourself, that’s when guys start to notice you. No one wants someone who’s a fake bitch. 

As I’m getting older I’m noticing the similarities of men and women. I have grown so much more respect for men and I don’t think they are all stupid and shitty,they mess up like women do,but  we just don’t do it publicly, and as often… HA! 





Lemme know what you think :)

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