Cry Little Boy..

Little Boy why do you cry?

do you cry for your mama


that she will come down from the sky

Do you cry because you look at yourself in the mirror

and you’re disgusted by what you see

just like we are?

Do you crack the mirror with your fist

as your warm salty tears

stain your face like blood?

Do you plead to your mother

not caring if she can hear you

Do u wish you can meet her in heaven

because being alive is too much work

for a young boy like yourself.

Little Boy why do you cry

why do stare out the window

and let the tears fall like a steady rain

Are you lost in your thoughts

wondering if she can change anything

from so far away?

Cry Little Boy Cry

because crying isn’t a sign of weakness

its a sign of pride.

I have a little boy on my bus and all he does is cry. I don’t know why he cries but he cries everyday  and some kids look at him weird but I’d rather cry in public than be constipated in thoughts.


Lemme know what you think :)

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