Never Have I Ever.

Have you ever felt like

you knew every crevice

every inch of a person

but in reality

you didn’t know them at all?

Have you laid quietly in your empty bed

and stayed very still

so maybe you can feel them

just like you always have?

Have you wished upon something so hard

that you can’t imagine it not coming true

but in the end

you’re falling right back to the bottom of the mountain?

Have you loved someone so much

that when you think of them

your heart feels like its about explode in your throat?

Did  you ever jump around in your room

and feel like your thirteen

just because he texted you “Sup”

and you think he really cares?

Have you ever watched someone change

and you don’t like what you see?

Have you ever been scared?

Scared of what will

instead of what was.

Have you closed your eyes

and saw him behind them

because thats the only thing that will put you to sleep at night

Have you ever found the one and didn’t get a chance

because you were scared

worried about what if instead of what was

Because What if?

I hate change.I hate change. I hate change. 



Lemme know what you think :)

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