Summer so Far.

As August has become pretty solid,I look back on the last three months with triumphs. I have accomplished more this summer than I have ever had during any other summer. Before the start of college, my summer consisted of sleeping,the pool and friends. Now, I have a job, I took summer classes, I actually have a schedule, my internet usage has been decreased astronomically and I’m actually do something with my time instead of sleep through it. 

This summer has gone by so slow but in a really good way. I really have looked at my life in a completely different light. I’ve realized that life is too short to be not doing something that you love. If it means not having alot of money in your pockets than so be it. I got through 3 months being unemployed and was perfectly fine. People should once and while step back and take a look around because they are missing out on picture perfect memories by being stressed.

This summer has also showed me that no matter how much you may not think so, you can be independent and seek out new people with no problem. When my friends from High School came back from college, I was excited to see some but most of them… not so much. It wasn’t like we were a tight knit group. I enjoyed my time with my high school friends but life goes on and people grow up and they aren’t the people you knew before college.My friend Alexis left to go to camps and as much as I miss her, there is sometimes that I enjoy just having my alone time. This summer was my alone time. I made sure I got things done with no distractions.Now that everyone is either coming back or leaving, I feel like my solitude time is over but it was well spent.

I’ve learned alot of lessons about love and friendship in this short summer. You may realize that even the strongest friendships have some cracks and the not so good friendships can be improved with much time and patience. People’s actions have taught me about people in ways I never knew before.

I watch my life flashing before my eyes and I wonder if I will remember this moment, this day. this week? I hope I do because I am learning about myself just by the actions and the goals around me. It is shaping me into the woman I will soon become.

Have a blessed Sunday




One thought on “Summer so Far.

  1. sirrah says:

    Wax on,wax off..Life shines after awhile:)

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