Treasure Beneath the Dust.

For the last two weeks my friend Scott has been in California. Before he left, he asked me to watch and feed his cats while he was away. Since he’s been gone, they have become my entire life. I’ve grown so attached to these cats that I might cry when I leave them. They are like my children, its weird. I don’t think they have ever gotten this much attention in their lives. But I love them. I don’t have a cat  myself so this is as close to getting a cat as i possibly can for now. My mom is allergic and I am too ( I’ve been taking Benadryl for two weeks) but to me it doesn’t matter. They are the most cuddly creatures ever. It’s like you can tell they love you. I think it’s so cute.

But anyway, besides from feeding and taking care of his cats, I wanted to do something else. I decided I was going clean up a little while he was gone. As most of you all know, men are NOT the cleanest people in the world. There are some very meticulously clean and tidy men and if you have one of those, be grateful. I on the other hand, had to deal with the polar opposite. I’m not complaining that his apartment was worse than my room (it was) I’m simply saying that it was living proof that men need women in their lives. If they didn’t, they would living in a river of shit.

Mind you, I never clean. I’m not one of those people who clean the house for fun. My room is a mess but I try to be semi organized, I always get distracted when I clean my room and it never gets done. So cleaning this whole apartment was a HUGE accomplishment for me. Once I got to the apartment, I didn’t want to leave right away and might as well make myself busy so I cleaned, and of course read Bukowski during my breaks.

While I was cleaning, I found out so much more about Scott than I ever had before. His nerd level is at an all time high but besides that, I realized he enjoys the oldies but goodies, and the simple things. He keeps things that a heartless man would throw out. He cares about his family more than anything in the world ( Like most people) but I don’t know. I was just amazed how you can really figure out someone by just what they have in their house. I’ve also realized that this man has alot of baggage and even though he is very headstrong and pretends to be “Mr strong guy” I know he has a gentle soul and words bother him more than actions. You can break his arm and kick his ass and he’ll get up and fight back no problem, but tell him that he’s weak and he’ll crumble and never forget.

At times I am like that myself. I heard this quote a few days ago it went like “There’s always a little truth behind every ‘just kidding,’ a little knowledge behind every ‘i dont know,’ a little emotion behind every ‘i dont care,’ and a little pain behind every ‘it’s okay. I always blow things off when they hurt me because I don’t want to make waves. At times I just can’t take and I have to say something but I know the other person is just going to say “just kidding” or “it was a joke, you can’t take a joke” No, I can’t take a joke. Because if it wasn’t at least a little true, you wouldn’t have said it at all.

After cleaning and learning alot in this last two weeks, I’ve learned to appreciate people for who they are and what they like. I love a man who likes comic books and star wars but it doesn’t matter. They are called guilty pleasures. If one went through my room, they would find my hidden collection of backyardigans dolls and coloring books in my desk. I still to this day like to color, even though I don’t have many colors left.

I wonder what I will find when I clean my room, maybe I don’t like cleaning my room is because I already know who I am. Maybe someone would rather do it. I’d do it if I didn’t know myself inside and out. Maybe that’s why people become cleaning ladies. Who Knows.



Lemme know what you think :)

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