A Mutual Feeling.

The love I have for you in indescribable

its like going to a place where you know you are destined to be

its like crying when you see your child for the first time

its an unbelievable feeling

its an uncontrollable feeling.

I know you’ve felt this before

but I know it wasn’t because of me

so I know you can relate.

It’s like you can cry because you have no idea

why your heart is beating and breaking

all at the same time.

You thrive to know answers

to dig deep inside your mind

to figure out why

when did this happen

and you come out with nothing

because only your  heart knows why and how it happened

But I am glad my heart chose you.

YAYAY I got a poem out of my system. WRITERS BLOCK FOR TWO WEEKS SUCKS!



2 thoughts on “A Mutual Feeling.

  1. Laura says:

    Hey Sara …Love it…….it is so easy to relate to ..Passion is not always easy to describe, but when you hit it on the nose…..everybody says yea….I get it

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