Mirrors Never Lie.

I look at my reflection

of you holding me from behind

and think how in the world

was I this lucky.

you kiss my neck and my whole body smiles

because at this moment

I am in disbelief

that the woman staring back at me

is actually me.

As a child I was

a girl who longed for love

and was never lucky enough

that worked at being noticed

and always missed the mark

that  thought no man would love her

until the day that it happened.

You smile as our eyes connect

and I see some spark

some firework erupting between us

and at that moment

when the spark starts to sizzle away

I realize  the girl staring back at me

is me.



After a long night, and a quiet drive home, I’m finally convinced that I no longer  am who I was. 



Lemme know what you think :)

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