Proceed to Party.

I saw Toby Keith last night with my cousin and her friends. Like always, he puts on an amazing concert. He’s not even my favorite country star. I must say, there are so many Red Necks in New Jersey. The one thing I am really surprised that is how many people start fighting when they are drunk. It’s like you are going to get arrested, whats the point?

I’ve only gotten into a fight once in my life. But I was like 13 and i don’t know why I did it. It was an experience, and I surprisingly didn’t get my ass beat, GO ME!



4 thoughts on “Proceed to Party.

  1. Hi Sarah, any stories for me yet? I’m putting my collection together. It’s going to be a great read!! :)

    • sarahviveca says:

      I’m sorry! Yeah, I’ll probably write them for my blog, would you just want the link?

      • Just add a comment and a link to your blag under Share Your Stories- Mr Wrong Stories at this stage us fine. Thanks Sarah. Wow RedNecks and country music your world is so different to mine. I love it! Although probably would be quite scared if the RedNecks!

      • sarahviveca says:

        Red necks aren’t that bad. Sometimes when they are drunk maybe, but thats with everyone. Red necks are actually really nice, sometimes. I’d rather deal with them then the Rap music fans, they scare me a little.

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