A Word with God.

I had a word with God today

and this is what I said

I told him I was sorry

for being the way I am

He said not to worry

and that good would come my way

but I told I didn’t deserve it

And that life has become hard

he said that the devil has blanketed us with hate

smothering us by the day

so I must save my breathes for kindness

and good would come my way

I rolled my eyes and laughed

because the devil I didn’t believe

God said look at a stormy sky

And you will believe in the creator of evil

Storms whipped the tress that night

waking me up from my sleep

I looked out the window

and saw the anger in the clouds

the devil has come back

and struck our calmness with fear

and we too will become evil

just like him.

I’ve been thinking of going back to church, and for the first time in a long time I actually prayed last night. I hope God heard me. 



3 thoughts on “A Word with God.

  1. artlesspoems says:

    If God created all things, and God created Satan, then created evil. Personally I don’t believe that God has any moral authority. God may very well be part evil.. At least it’s a total dick. But I like your poem, and I certainly share your desire for a little relief from the miseries of this world.

    • sarahviveca says:

      It’s something to help me get by, you need to believe in something or someone in order to live.

      I lost my faith for a while and I am trying really hard to get it back, it may take time but I’m willing to do the best I can to try to get back to religion. Thanks for your comment. :)

  2. sirrah says:

    With your heart,praying is heard.
    Perhaps not answered in a timely fashion,but that is a test of faith too.
    Blessed Be :)

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