Lights, Camera, Baby?

Lately I have been watching lots of reality tv and I honestly haven’t a clue why. I’ve been sick for the last few days so I was forced to stare at the TV  realizing why I never stare at the TV. Besides the exceptions of True Blood, Sex and the City and a few others, I am astonished of how much vomit is on television. I also realized why people watch these stupid reality shows too. Once you start watching one, you have to watch all of them. My first mistake was the Kardashians and than I  stumbled upon Teen Mom and it got me thinking, since when was getting knocked up glamorous?

I remember when I mom would tell me stories about her childhood. She would tell me that it was a worst possible thing to do back then was to get pregnant without being married. Now in this day, getting pregnant at a young age of 15 is the new trend. Girls are now getting TV shows. I find it appalling.I understand that most of these girls are usually rednecks and trashy but there are some of those girls who are pretty classy. They are all over the tabloids like they are celebrities. Since when does popping out a kid make you a  celebrity? If it was like that, than the entire world would be celebrities…

I don’t know when it became socially accepted to have a kid so young. I was talking to one of my cousins a few months ago and one of her friends friends had a kid at 16. 16! You are still a kid at 16! You are self centered and worried about your chipped finger nail polish and what you should wear to school, not a baby.  A 16 year  old don’t even have their own rights, what makes them have the authority  and responsibility  to raise a child?A 16 year old should not being having sex to begin with. 16 in my eyes is like a baby. I remember the guy I was with at 16. Never in a million years would I want him to the be father of my child. Absolutely not. You are just starting to form into your body at 16. From the ages from 12-16 you don’t know what you are doing with your body and now that kids are hitting puberty so early in their lives, they are more at risk of getting pregnant at a younger age. According to The Center for Disease Control says that one-third of girls get pregnant before the age of 20.I can’t say I never worried about it. I ‘ve wondered what I would do if I was ever put in a situation like that. I know I deffinatly wouldn’t want a reality show that’s for sure.

Now that I am 19, I have a pretty clear head on my shoulders. I know that making right choices should be the top priority. But in a situtation like that, what is the right choice? I think the girls on Teen Mom made a wrong choice by  putting their young children on national television. Do you know how much shit those kids are going to get when they get older and not on the air anymore. I mean I have no doubt that half of the shit on those shows are scripted but it will haunt you for sure, no matter how false it was. You put your kid infront of a camera and put your kid to work just because you couldn’t use a condom? I remember the first season of teen mom they told the viewers how to not get pregnant and that getting pregnant isn’t glamorous. But now, please… its all drama. I must say if you really look at it from an adult perspective, the happiest couple on that show is Caitlyn and Tyler and they gave up their baby up for adoption because they knew that they couldn’t provide a good home for their baby. Do you see Maci, Amber or Farrah happy? and they kept their child.

If you are going to get pregnant at a young age, you should have parents that are supportive. I know if I ever got pregnant and decided I wanted to keep it  I know that my mom would respect any decision I would make. never in a million years would my mother be like Farrah’s mother. She would help me the best she should. She wouldn’t judge and she would be there, just like she always has. When I was six years old my cousin Joe who was 20 years old had a child. I don’t think I’ve ever loved a human being like a love Juliana ( his daughter) she is 6 years younger than me and we had the tightest bond growing up. As a family, we came together and supported my cousin and his daughter and still do.

I saw Juliana today and she is now 13 growing up by the day. Its like time has flown by because she is so much older now.I wonder if my cousins look at me like that. They watched me grow up from when I was born. I’ve watched Juliana grow into a beautiful young teenager and I love her more and more each and everyday.

I think that anyone can a have baby if they have a good supportive family. Family is the core, and I think these realitly shows like Teen Mom or the Kardashians have ripped families apart. Look at Jon and Kate Plus 8.Even though Kate Goslin was a flaming bitch, the whole show ripped them apart. You don’t need to have a kid to be on tv or 8 in that matter.

People live life with 5 kids and going through life without a camera in their faces. My friend has 9 siblings and she isn’t on Tv. No matter how many kids you have, don’t expect a TV show. You are not going to get it.

Thank god I’m better, no more Teen Mom and Kardashians for me….



Lemme know what you think :)

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