New Job, New Opportunities.

Today while at my training shift at my new job,  this woman walked up to my register and slam this purse on the counter. She was looking for a price. I looked for a price tag thoroughly and came up with nothing. I said that were was no tag .She said that she knew that  and that she refused to walk back there and get another one because she couldn’t walk. Honey, you walked the entire store shopping, you can’t walk like 30 feet and get another purse with a tag?Because I was training I couldn’t go get another one, she pulled a hissy fit and stormed out of the store. 

I really am shocked with people. They think because we work in retail we automatically are their servants. We are cashiers, you give us your money and you leave, we don’t need to go and get your stuff off the shelf. We aren’t your personal shoppers. My mom works at Acmoore ( craft store) and most of the time she is like these customers personal shoppers. They will literally give her the list and insist that she goes and shops for them instead of them walking the store and looking for the stuff themselves. I would never ever ever go shopping for someone else, I don’t think its my place. I think people need to really look around and make the best sales on their own. 

I feel like at every store its different. When I worked for Bed Bath and Beyond we were not allowed to walk around with the customer ( I got in trouble) and had to stand in front of the register and greet each customer and literally push them out  of the store. I’ve just started Kohls but I can tell its REALLY not like that. They are more worried about getting people to sign up for a credit card than anything, and that’s fine, I think I can handle that. 

It’s funny how all retail stores are different but every customer is pretty much the same. When I was at Bed Bath and Beyond I wasn’t the nicest cashier. But I wasn’t the meanest.  There were some events that my patience was extremely thin and I was not tolerating with my snotty bosses for the customers at all. If they weren’t desperate for people, I should have gotten fired, but they didn’t care about anyone in that store. My friend Brittany works there and I feel bad for her because they literally treat you like a slave. It was my first retail job but now that I am at Kohls, they treat me so much better. Maybe because I have experience, who knows. But I am eager to learn more about the  new job and shop my pay check away… 

I am now Employed, yet again, in retail. I don’t know if that was a good choice. 



Lemme know what you think :)

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