What NOT to Do on the First day of School.

So Today was the first day of school and I must say it went much better than expected. I got free coffee, I got to see my friends, I joined the gym, and actually got things together for the club fair that is happening next Tuesday.I got alot accomplished in my 6 hr day. It was incredible. But as I was sitting in the cafeteria with my friends today, I was looking at all the new student Brookdale students and wondered what they were feeling. When I first started Brookdale,I was very shy. I didn’t really know what my clique was going to be. I now have my clique that consists of all guys and I am perfectly content with that. But as I was looking all the new students, I was thinking how much they were embarrassing themselves so I made a wrote a few rules and regulations for the first day of school. Hope you enjoy it, Freshmen this one is for you :)

1. Do not wear funky clothes if you don’t want to be  categorized: For all the judgmental people (like myself) in the world,clothing is a big factor. I look at peoples clothing very carefully.Today for my first day, I made sure I wore something  that really defined my style. It was classy and fun ( a nice top and shorts and black flats) The first day of school is all about impressions. Save your Andy Warhol Marilyn Monroe dress for a later date, hunny.

2. Don’t just randomly start talking to someone you don’t know about your summer: I can’t tell you how many strangers talked to me today. I was kind, which is surprising, but I was curious to why they were talking to me.I wasn’t creeped out shockingly, but, I was with a group of 5 guys, and yet they picked me of all the students in Brookdale to talk to? I should be flattered I guess,their experiences are good writing material.

3. Don’t constantly look at the map: Looking at those damn maps make you  look like a tourist. This is not orientation children, this is the real thing. I’m not gunna lie and say I didn’t use the map once or twice in the beginning, but it I was never  walking around with my map spread out in my hand. All you need is a visor and a fanny pack and you’re in Disney.

4.Don’t ask the Teachers if you can be excused: One guy in my class asked the teacher to go to the bathroom in class today. I found it really cute and sad at the same time. I never realized how prison -like high school was. I had to ask to go to the fucking bathroom? Are you kidding? I couldn’t eat or drink in class? I know we come here to learn but really, if we need a bottle water or a coffee in class we should be  allowed to have it. The guy will learn in time, but its really awesome to finally be able to not announce to the world you have your period or you have to pee. It’s noones business, especially the teachers, when my bottley functions need to come out of me.

5. Don’t be late for class: Always be early on the first day of class. It helps you set the tone for the rest of the school year. The teacher will be under the impression that you are there willing and eager to learn. I know most of you will sleep in your classes by the third week, but that teacher will remember the first day and will remember you have determination and motivation in you, even if you fake it.

6.Don’t just stand in the middle of hall and look around if your confused: This isn’t a funeral procession. People who actually know where they going need to get to class in an orderly fashion, and yet people just stand there and look around like the tile walls is going to help them get to their classes. Ask someone, or better yet, sit down and map your classes out, being prepared helps.

7. Don’t get your books on the first day of school: Speaking of being prepared, always before school, look for the books you may need. Getting them on amazon will most likely be a hell of alot cheaper than going to the overpriced bookstore. You also don’t have to stand on that horrendously long line and seeing half your graduating class on the line with you.

Hope these Rules Helped or will help next year!

Have a great Year!


Lemme know what you think :)

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