Fallen Angels.

Since Today is 9/11 I wanted to remember the fallen soldiers in my blog.

I fortunately was not effected by 9/11. My father on the other hand worked 5 blocks away. He didn’t come home that night and my mother and i were really worried. I remember that day like it was yesterday. I remember my name being called  out of school in the middle of the day from school. I never got picked up from school early so I knew something was up. I remember I thought something happened to my mom and my aunts were picking me up. That’s all I could think of while walking down the hall . Once I opened the office door and saw my mother standing there, I was relieved.I was also confused at the same time. She was taking me back to her work so she could finish the rest of the work day. I asked her what happened, why did she pick me up, and she wouldn’t tell me.

Once we got to her job however, she told me what happened. There was a terrorist attack in New York City and she couldn’t get a hold of my dad. I remember her and I watching the small Tv at her job. It was scary because we didn’t know how dangerous it really was. Once my mom and I got home, I could see the black smoke from over the water at the beach. It was incredibly crazy. We still did not hear from my dad and my mom was getting worried.

September 11th is also my cousin Chris’ birthday. At that time, he was getting his drivers license. We were suppose to go over my aunts house that night for cake and coffee. That never happened. Instead, my mother and I waited by the phone until my dad called to tell us he was okay. The City was crazy that day so our calls wouldn’t go through. I couldn’t imagine how worried my mom was.

Around 11 o’clock that night, the phone rang. It was my dad. He was telling us he was okay but it was going to be a while until he got home. Everything was on lock down and he couldn’t leave the city. You should have seen the relief in my mothers face. As we were watching the Tv, it was horrifying that my dad was in there and okay.

The next day, we found out 37 families in just my neighborhood lost loved ones in this tragedy. Because we are so close to New York, alot of people from my neighborhood work in the city, especially at  the trade centers. It was a sad moment in American History and in our lives.

As Americans we will never forget and we thank all the soldiers who fight for our freedom everyday. Many people from my high school have joined the military and are now currently serving our country. It’s now hitting close to home because now I know them.

I couldn’t belong to the military, I think I’d be afraid. I don’t think I’m brave enough to serve.

God bless the Fallen Soldiers… May You rest in Peace.



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