Art on the Walls

In all my life I never understood graffiti. I never understood it because it wasn’t a picture.there  wasn’t a scene and to me it didn’t have point. It was just words smushed together on wall and apparently it was a “tag” like someones signature. My signature,John Hancock or whatever you wanna call it  looks nothing like the picture above. This picture was taken in my school stairwell. Mind you this a public community college where you are not permitted to be writing on the walls let alone writing your “tag” on anything. Didn’t your mother tell you not to write on the walls. People these days still don’t listen.

Last semester while in my speech class I listened to a speech all about graffiti and it made me respect the art form even more.There was this boy in New York city and he would tag anything he can in the city. He was the first person to really make it popular. He wasn’t a gangster he was nerdy artisty kid who liked to express himself. Than, people started doing it all the time and now grafettit is now pretty socially accepted. Back  in the 70’s they had to ban grafetti and whoever got caught was put in jail. It got so bad that you couldn’t even tell if it was a train or not because so many tags would be on it

Now people aren’t graffiting too much but its still out there in the world. It’s now turned into an art form that people appreciate. I’m starting to understand too.

sarah .


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