Busy Bees.


For some reason I can never be exactly on time for anything. I am always way to early or extremely late to the point where it is no longer fashionable. I feel like every minuete of my day is planned. I have to be calculate every single moment of my life because I really don’t want to be late or miss out on anything. I think I am like that now is because when I was little, we were always really late getting places or extremely early. I never got to school right when the bell rang, I got there like a half hour before. Sometimes because I am so worried about being on time that there is so much dead time of me just sitting and waiting for things to happen.

I can’t grasp how people can just go with the flow on things. It would drive me completely bat crazy if I didn’t know what I was doing every second of everyday. I make sure plan the day days and days in advance because I know when I get up in the morning, I wouldn’t want to think about what to do. I dont understand how people can just sit around all day and do absoluetly nothing. It’s just a waste of time. You’ve wasted your whole day looking at what other people are doing with their day. There are so many things to do. Exersising would be one thing. You can take a run or ride a bike or anything to keep yourself busy.

I was talking to this one kid I know and he would sit infront of the tv all day and do nothing… I made him go to college because nobody would want to be with someone who does nothing with their life. That is someone who is boring. The more things you do with your life, the less boring you are, and the more you have in common with someone else.

I’ve been so busy lately I am surprise I have time to write on here. I shock myself with the many things I do in 1 short day. I now understand how adults are. They are going all day and by the time they get to relax they are so tired they just want to sleep. I guess thats why god created weekends.

Let the Weekend Begin!


Lemme know what you think :)

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