SnapShot Memories.

the other night I sat in Red Bank with my friend Cheekz and we were taking in the beauty of the small town we live around. At times, I feel thankful I was exposed to what I was as a child. When I was little I was around the ocean everyday. I went to the beach all the time, even in the winter  and I got to see the beauty of the forest in the summer while we were camping. Since I started writing this blog, I have grown a sudden love for photography. I never saw the point when I was little, they are just pictures. Now I actually understand, you are capturing breathtaking moments in your life that you can’t explain any other way. You are capturing a moment you probably will never forget. You are freezing a moment in your life that was important to you. I give many photographers so much respect because I couldn’t do photo shoots or buy extremely expensive cameras just to capture memories.

I was talking to this new girl that my met at my new  job and she is a model. She was telling me how she just did a photo shoot and how fun it was. I thought only people who were on America’s Next Top Model did photo shoots. I don’t think I could get my picture taken without smiling. I know that sounds silly but I was trained to smile at a camera. I don’t think I could be a model. I don’t think I’d feel comfortable enough  with my body to take pictures of it. Even though I am starting to work out all the time, I still don’t think I’ll ever be comfortable with my body, comfortable enough to have someone take pictures of it.

Maybe one day I’ll do a photo shoot, but not today. I like taking pictures, not necessarily be in the picture. I also always blink when the flash goes off and I always look half stoned in my pictures.. I don’t know why.

Have a fun today, and remember, capture your memories.



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