I Wonder.

I’m wondering if you’re counting down the days

Till I get on a plane and leave

Leaving you behind.

I wonder what you’re going to do

As you sit in the diner alone

Eating a bagel

That you bought

With your own money.

I wonder if you’ll think of me

On the cold crisp nights

Wishing my car would be sitting there

Waiting for you to come home.

I wonder if you’ll listen for the door to open

And the sound of footsteps

Coming up the stairs.

I wonder if you’ll miss my gap teeth and stringy hair

My texts, my calls

And my “I hate you” face.

I wonder if you will miss me.

I wonder.

I found out that I am graduating in the spring.. It’s kind of bittersweet but I know leaving this place is for the best.



Lemme know what you think :)

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