Live in Reality Sweetie.

While on Facebook today I was looking at all the stupid posts that are  like this:

and this

and I thought to myself… What the hell kind of world do we live in. Since when do these girls want these perfect boyfriends? In reality I’ve never met a guy who is like any of these things. My friend John is the nicest guy I know and even he isn’t like this. Every guy that I have ever talked to are not necessarily always the same, but at some point in their lives have been the same. It’s always like who having sex with the most women.. I don’t understand this competition because if chicks did this we would be considered whores.

I was talking to Scott the other night about chicks and I realized that men don’t love like women do. Men are very complex when it comes to their hearts. Women just know when they are in love. I know I did. But men are very different, they have to really look deep into the person, mind, body, and soul to figure out if she is worthy of their heart. I understand why men right write love songs now. They write them because its unbelievably more painful for men because men are careful and they still get shit on. When I fell in love, I took a big risk. I didn’t care if I was eventually going to get hurt. I knew at that moment nothing else mattered.

In a way  men are very smart. I wish I actually assessed the situations in my life before giving my all to 1 person. It would save much heartache in the end that’s for sure.

Maybe one day a guy will realize they can trust me with their heart but I know its not now.



Lemme know what you think :)

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