The Aqua Collar.

You deviously hid under the table

Waiting for me to look for you

You followed my feet as they crossed the  floor softly

Looking around every spot

Where balls of black and white hair littered the floor

You held in your cries

As if a lover hadn’t yet broken your heart

But you knew the white puffy clouds

Would  turn gray soon enough.

I spot you

Coiled in a ball hidden

Your beady golden eyes pierce mine like knives

We connect

You bolt

Running and colliding with the closed window

Thinking you could reach the sky

As the wind would flow through your jet black fur

I chuckled grabbing you under your arms

You sliced my hands with your sweet delicate weapons

Blood hits the hardwood floor

Each drip louder than the next

I drop you carefully

You scurry off to your hiding spot

Where I will have to find you again

another day.


Inspired by The 20 words prompt

and also this lovely cat…

Thanks Baby!  ^



2 thoughts on “The Aqua Collar.

  1. Laura says:

    Love it Sarah! Well done. Talk about meeting the challenge.

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