Our Last Goodbye.

The loud clanking of my high heels echoed the empty airport when we arrived. With my worn out suitcase in hand, I was off on another journey, another trip. But this time, I wasn’t sure if I was coming back. He grabbed my clammy hand as we walked over to the check in station.

“You’re gunna be fine.” He said, squeezing my hand a little tighter

“I know, but what about you Kris? Fly out for like a week and come back, you can do that.”

“Sar, I can’t do that. I have to work; you know how difficult it is to take time off.” I shrugged; he had to switch with three different people just to be able to take me to the airport. There would be no way for him to just drop everything and leave.

“I want you to do me a favor.”I stopped and looked up at his slicked black greasy hair fall in his face.


“I want you to never come back. Don’t come back for me. If we are meant to be together, than we will move on from here. You are better than this place. You have so many more opportunities anywhere else other than shit hole. I regret every day coming back home after college. So please, move on from here.” A tear fell from my face.

“Are you breaking up with me? In a fucking airport?” I asked, dropping my suitcase on the floor.

“No, I just know you. You would come back for me.” I grinned and nodded.

“Why do you have to know me so well?” I laughed, rolling my eyes.

“Would you rather I didn’t ” I shook my head as I swung the heavy suitcase on the counter for the teller. As we walked into the waiting area, more people were starting to file in with coffee and other baked goods in their hands.

“Sar, you’re drooling practically on those people. You want a coffee?” I nodded staring at the little steam floating in the air from their cups. I watched him as he walked to the counter where he ordered me a small coffee with three sugars, light with milk. For four years, it had always been the same and he never forgot. I wonder if I will one day forget what he looked like, what he sounded like, how he takes his coffee. He walked towards me as his black basketball sneakers scuffed the floor.

“Thank you,” I said grabbing it from him, the warmth of the coffee around my hand relaxed my whole body. I sipped the small coffee that had gotten on the lid and smiled.

“I don’t think I will ever find someone who can make my coffee as good as you do. I can’t even do it this good.” He smiled, putting his arm around my shoulders as we walked towards a pair of chairs closest to the gate entrance.

“You wanna hear something that I’m afraid of?”

“What?” He said, as he pulled out his iphone.

“That I’ll forget.”

“Forget what?”


“I don’t think you will,” he smirked, giving me a look. I elbowed him and giggled.

“You can’t take anything seriously can you?”

“Nope.” He said as he started to play temple run. I leaned into him, looking over his shoulder.

“Never miss an opportunity?” I sighed.

“Nope.” He said looking intently at the screen; I nudged his arm as I watched the small character fall to his death. I smiled.

“You probably are never going to see me ever again and you play temple run?”

“Whenever I play temple run I’ll think of you.”

“And I how much I hate it?” He laughed

“And how much it ruined your life…” I rolled my eyes.

“Worst thing I ever did in my life was introduce you to temple run.” He put his arm around me and sighed.

“You know what Sarah; I think I am really going to miss you.” I looked out the window as planes zoomed off in the distance. In a few minutes that would be me. I leaned on his shoulder as we both looked out at the sunny sky.

“Hey Kris?”


“Promise me something.”


“That you won’t ever forget.” Warm tears started to roll down my face. I told myself I would not cry in front of him.

“Sarah, I will never forget. I’ve never had a person ever treat me as well as you did. No, I’ll never forget you.” He leaned down and kissed the tears that were rolling down my face. I smiled. “Don’t be crying, I will see you again. Sooner rather than later.” I nodded as I quickly wiped the tears from my face. The boarding announcement blared in my ear. I looked down at the floor.

“I guess this is it?” He nodded. “I love you Kristopher, don’t forget that.” I said as I clinged to his pea-coat.

I’ll see you soon. I nodded as I bit my lip. I let go and walked through the gate. Before walking away. He winked at me. I smiled.


I had to do an assignment with just dialogue.. Thank you old texts and Facebook chats! 

I really am not good at dialogue, narrative is my thing.. what do you guys think?



Lemme know what you think :)

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