Welcoming Fall.

Even though its starting to get cold, I’m welcoming fall with open arms. 

The fall is one of my favorite seasons.Besides the fact that its the almost the ending of the year, I love how everything is starting to change around you and you really don’t realize it until your nose begins to run or you’re starting to look down and see leaves on the ground. To me fall is a reflection time. In the fall I reflect on the past season. I analyse each event that had happened in the past 3 months wondering if I could have done more with my time or if I managed to learn alot in a short period of time. To me everything I do is a lesson learned later. Whether it be working as a cashier or meeting new people, everything to me a lesson or a skill that I will need in days to come. Fall to me is like inventory is a for a store. I figure what I have in my brain that I will need to keep for the upcoming year. It’s like spring cleaning but without spring. 

Another reason I enjoy fall is the clothing. I really hate showing my body to the world and wearing a bathing suit especially in public is not on my top list of favorite things to do. I love wearing socks and uggs and long pants. I love wearing warm clothes and sweatpants.Fall is a cuddling season. When I was younger I loved to cuddle. My cousins hated when I slept over because I always cuddled. Now, I don’t cuddle, maybe with a few, but if I’m falling asleep, I need to sleep alone.The other night Cheekz and I had a sleepover and I got absolutely no sleep because I kept waking up and seeing her there. Maybe I’m just used to sleeping by myself, but I can’t have people touch me or hold me when i sleep. I guess cuddling isn’t for me.but regardless of my lack of cuddling, I love fall nonetheless.

Welcome Fall. Can’t wait to see what you and winter bring this year! 





Lemme know what you think :)

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