The Steep Mountain

By the mountain bound I walk with thee

through snow and ice you carried me

arms linked,bodies close

how I never wanted  to let go

through the whipping winds you walked

trugging step for step

my face guarded, nuzzeling in your neck

your breathing grows heavy as you climbed

with each step your muscles cried

you held  me a little tighter

grasping onto warmth

each toe getting colder

as we headed up north

I saw the smoke in the distance

we were getting closer

to our final destination

just a few steps further

When we walked up to the door

our bodies fused together

God only knows how long we can stay here

or  if we get kicked out

in the cold for another long day.



Inspired by a poater in the library.. I don’t write like this usually.

Lemme know what you think :)

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