Being Sick Sucks.

I’m sick and it majorly sucks. 

I feel like I’ve been sick for about 2 months now and NOTHING is helping. I haven’t really gone to the doctor but now its just  becoming a pain in the ass. I can barely see ( swollen eyes) and my nose like a faucet. I am gross. I don’t understand how anyone could find me attractive at just a disgusting state. But shockingly, people are still looking at me without cringing. 

 I really can’t afford to get sick and not go to work. I need the money and if I don’t show up they aren’t going to give me any work. I might as well wear an eye patch and tape tissues against my nose than to lose money. I also can’t miss school. I’ve only missed school once because I was sick and the only reason I didn’t want to go was because I couldn’t manage to get out of bed. But this sickness ins’t like that, this is just annoying.

I feel like getting sick is gods way of telling you to slow down. I am always running around and I never sleep. I guess that’s why I’ve been so sick for so long. I don’t let my body rest. In my life, there is no time for resting. Today I just chilled out and I feel like I got nothing done. It was a waste of a day because I wasn’t running around like a maniac like I always am. I need to let myself just chill and relax. This coming week is a slow one, I didn’t really plan anything because I am feeling so crappy, I don’t want to burn myself out. 

I am pretty good when I’m sick though,I still manage to truck along with a roll of toilet paper and a prayer.I just need to get better because I want to see people without being worried of getting them sick. This being sick is really getting in the way of my life.

Sickness, BACK OFF… Sniffle… 



Lemme know what you think :)

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