For the first time ever, I am really not looking forward to Halloween. As my age progresses I’ve noticed that Halloween is not as exciting as it used to be. I remember getting so excited to look into peoples houses while I trick or treated ( even back then I was a baby creep) I wanted to see how they decorated their house compared to mine. Some peoples houses were disgusting and I always remembered what they gave me and I threw it out. I was a bratty trick or treater. I remember I would bitch to my friends when the old people would give us dollars.. now I would be like ” A twenty would be nice, thanks..” but back then, money was just an object. 

I also noticed that Halloween for my age  now is national “dress up like a hooker day” and I find it really horrendous. #1 I don’t want to see your sexual role playing all.. especially in public and #2 why would you want to wear lingerie in public? Isn’t that kind of cold? For me, Halloween is sitting at home eating chinese food and watching scary movies. I leave the boring bowl of pretzels nobody likes outside, and just hang out at home. The costumes are always the same. In my neighborhood, they have probably recycled the same costume for their whole childhood.But you know, I don’t judge. 

This year I wasn’t really in the Halloween spirit. I went to the zombie walk ( for hunger) and enjoyed myself. But other than that, I did nothing “halloweeny”. I am more excited about Thanksgiving. It’s the ultimate cheat day. The funny thing is, I cannot stand Thanksgiving Turkey. The sight of it makes me nausus,but I still can’t wait.

I did however, miss pumpkin painting this year.. but I’m over it. I don’t have time to do my homework.. when would I have time to paint a pumpkin? 




Boycotting Halloween.


Lemme know what you think :)

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