I Didn’t Know Better.

I watched as the glass double doors swung open as many couples walked in holding hands and with smiling faces. They were greeted by a pretty blonde with big boobs. I specified the boobs because I honestly didn’t look up at her face; but I don’t think any man who is straight ever would. I watched her glide across the floor, her boobs jumping a little with each step she took. She was hott, but she wasn’t Grace. I watched a group of short stocky women with skimpy dressed approach the bar asking for Malibu Baybrezze’s thinking they were cool for getting something fancy. Grace liked Jack. She didn’t mess around. I looked down at my watch, questioning her tardiness. She was never late; I was always the late one. She would bitch at me for being irresponsible. I would tell her that if she was going to be dating an artist she would have to expect it. She didn’t like that answer.

“Another martini sir?” The waitress asked after the crowd simmered down. I nodded as I looked up at the big TV’s that was showing some ridiculous football game. I was never into football, or any sport in that matter; but Grace was. Grace would sit in front of that screaming box and yell at the players like they could hear her. I sipped my glass of red wine and watched her. Her smile was big and bright as her eyes were arrow and determined as she watched the players run across the field.

“Here’s your martini. Are you still waiting for someone?” The waitress asked, placing the glass gently on the hardwood table. I nodded. “Okay, no problem; Just wave me over when they get here.”

As the candle flickered on the table, I was starting to get worried. Maybe she got into an accident. Maybe she got stuck at the office. She would have called if she got stuck at work. I looked down at my phone, nothing; not even a text. A half hour late, something wasn’t right. I sipped my martini as I watched the snow blanket the cold roads. Bad news traveled fast, if something happened, someone would have called me. I looked down at my phone again, still, nothing. Maybe she forgot, maybe she had been so busy at work that she just went home. I called her, as I heard it begin ring, my  pounding heartbeat overpowered the quite ringing on the other end. After thirty five seconds I heard the automated voicemail talk back to me. I shut the phone before leaving a message. Maybe she hit traffic and she couldn’t hear the phone over the radio. She always blasted the radio; it was as if every time she drove anywhere she wanted be a moving concert as she sang along loudly along with the radio.

“Do you want to start with an appetizer while you’re waiting?” The waitress asked, walking over to my table. Her curly brown hair fell in her face as she talked. Her eyes shined from the low dim from the lights. She was beautiful, but she wasn’t Grace. Grace had sunset red hair that flowed to just the middle of her back. Her almond eyes were a deep brown with a hint of gold around the outside of her pupil. I would tell her that her heart was trying to peak out of her eyes, that’s why they were tints of gold. She would blush and look down at the floor.

“Sure, I guess I’ll start with a shrimp cocktail.” I said looking down at the closed menu.

“Okay, it should be out in a minute.”

“Okay thanks.” Looking down at the phone again, a picture of us looked back me. Grace’s smile was big as I held her gently around her shoulder. Her eyes were squinty and all her teeth were showing; I was kissing her cheek. Her skin was tan and her hair was light from  the summer sun at was now so far away. We were so happy, it was perfect. Life then was perfect. Now I was sitting in a restaurant drinking alone waiting her. I should had picked her up, and not sat here looking like an asshole; a pathetic asshole.

” Shrimp Cocktail?” The waitress chirped placing the small glass on the table. Little shrimp tails hung over the side of the glass as a little cup of red cocktail sauce was placed in the center of it.

“Do you want to wait to order your dinner sir?” She asked, pulling her small black pad out of her apron.

“Yes, please. Do you mind?” I asked grabbing my martini that was half full.

” No, not at all; take your time”. She said flashing a fake smile as she walked away. She was losing money, and I was losing hope.

some more fiction… this piece isnt finished, atleast i dont think so. 


Lemme know what you think :)

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