Why Thanksgiving is my Favorite.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and it is my favorite holiday. I must sound like a fatass that way but I don’t care about anyone’s judgments. Thanksgiving is the ultimate cheat day and I must say after all the hard work I’ve done losing 20 lbs in 3 months, I think I deserve it, even though I’ll be regretting it hours later.

Even though Thanksgiving is about food, there is a bigger picture to it. Thanksgiving is all about being Thankful for what you have. Since the hurricane, I’ve really been thankful for everyone and everything in my life. I can go home and put a light on, watch tv, go on my computer without a problem. Some people who live down the street from me don’t even have homes; let alone a computer, tv and lights. It must be so hard for everyone who has been affected around now. They dont have money to start buying presents.. they are living in other people’s houses. I think its such a shame.

But fortunately for me, I get to have a wonderful thanksgiving tomorrow with all my family. Tomorrow I am making breakfast. I never do so it will be fun. I am making Cranberry Walnut pancakes;like the ones I had in Cape Cod;but hopefully better. For the dinner I am going to make Walnut Crumb Cake, don’t worry I will take pictures of all the delciousness tomorrow.

My favorite part of Thanksgiving is the parade. For as long as I can remember I remember sitting on the couch and watching the parade, then we would go to my aunts house and I would finish watching it there. It’s always the same crap every year but its always special, especially  at the end when Santa comes.. I think that’s my favorite because its the start of the holiday season.. and even though I work in retail, I really am excited this year.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


Lemme know what you think :)

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