Do you Remember ( edited)

Do you remember Brother
You were so young
Do remember the choir
In the empty church as our grey heroine
took her final breaths?
We were all crying brother,
pleading for her to come back
You screamed
“Someone watch over me”
Do you remember?

Do you remember the silence?
the quiet ticking of the clock
counting down the seconds
till we’d see her again

Do you remember the moon
it was brighter than ever that night.
The Mississippi winter was settling in
And you were cold and alone.
Do you remember every morning
Staring out the open window
Watching Snow blanket the

Do you remember hearing
A few sirens in the distance
Not being concerned,
Not knowing
Where they were going
Or why.

I edited, I think it looks better.

Making a portfolio. you’ll probably see the same stuff only looking different

Happy week before finals week!



Lemme know what you think :)

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