2013,The Unknown.

Hi everyone:

So its been a really long time since I’ve written on here and I wanted to apologize for my absents. Working around the clock and going to school and also trying desperately to have a social life is alot to do for 1 person, especially around the holidays. I hope everyone had a great christmas and a new year filled with much fun.

Now that 2013 has started, I honestly think that this year will be the year of change. Change that I personally am not ready for. For my whole life I hated change, I hated friends leaving my life and me having to start over again with different people and me telling them the same stories I told the last friend. Your life gets sorta boring when you are telling people the same stories and you get the same reaction. But this year I have a feeling that I will change even more then last year, and I know it will be painful and hard just like it was last year. But if I can get through 20 years of living and learning than I can get through another year just fine.

When a new year starts I always look back on myself a year ago to the day January 4th 2012, what was I doing, what was I feeling. I remember feeling like something was about the change, that I was going evolve into a different person and come spring, I wasn’t the same person I started the year out to be. I was a stronger individual with passion an inspiration going through my veins. I was confident and thought I could conquer the world. But that fizzled out by the fall and pretty soon I was back to being me,the old me.

I hope the old me will fizzle out soon, I hope I learn more this year and I hope  this year doesn’t bring hardships, but even though I hope, it will happen because there wouldn’t be triumphs without hardships first.

I will be writing more, I promise.


Lemme know what you think :)

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