Doing Your Buisness

It’s something everyone has,

like a shit you just can’t get out without pushing hard.

sitting there around a porcieln   dome  your ass

staring down at the still neon blue water.

You wonder how many asses have imprinted that seat

marking its territory with its pimples and little hairs that fall out

when they pee.

You wonder what kind of diseases you would get if you sat down long enough

And waited for the parasites to feed on your inner membranes of your cheek.

But taking the risk is more comfortable

Because you feel like you’re home listening to the clock tick

Concentrating on the task at hand and relaxing reading the paper

Magazine, wishing you can move on

And continue with your life

In peace.

#1  I’m going to Alaska, you’ll see  pictures when I get back.

#2 Inspired by the Men in my Life.

#3 Grind #6

I’ll see you all in a week.



Lemme know what you think :)

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