Silent Beauty.

I wish I had time to just breathe.

Yesterday my friend Shannon and I went to the beach. It was so nice, a little chilly but it was an awesome day to take pictures. For my creative writing club I have to start taking alot more pictures for picture prompts and stuff. I’m kinda excited because now on top everything else going on in my crazy life, I have to start traveling. It’s convenient that I live so close to the beach. But you can only do a few beach scenes. In a couple weeks I am going to Martha’s Vineyard. I’ve never been there so I’m kind of excited and it will also be an opportunity to take some pictures. I heard its really really beautiful there. Has anyone ever gone before? My dad is running a marathon there, hence why we are going.

But as I sitting on the beach, I realized that nature can be so interesting.A little twig could make such a beautiful picture.

to me it looked like claws so I thought that was pretty cool. I am really anxious and excited about taking more pictures.. You’ll be seeing alot more interesting locations in the future. Before my mom made me come home, I took a few pictures, Hope you all enjoy!



Turning off Real Life.

Over the weekend, I went upstate NY  to visit some friends. I don’t know what it is about being up there around the farms and wide open spaces that opens my mind and helps the creative inspiration and energy flowing again. As we were driving, outside every window was another breath taking image. They almost looked like pictures, thats how perfect it was there. You are in the country side where is green and the air is fresher and cleaner and the bugs are the majority, not people.When I was up there , I walked  around alot. I was always wondering deep into thought because everything I was seeing around me was so beautiful and peaceful. In my head it was like my brain was being drained and seeping into the soft fertile earth. When I go there, I tend to forget what its like at home. When I am there, I hear coyotes instead of honking horns, and when I look up,I see stars. They aren’t like ordinary stars, these stars look like they are going to fall on your face. I also got to go on a tractor, I didn’t turn it on, but it was awesome. I love everything about the country, the music,the people,the atmosphere . I really can’t stand this fast pace moving shit. Everyone is in a rush to get somewhere. In the country its all about patience. It may take you a half hour to get to the food store, but once you get there, its worth it.

I had an awesome vacation. It may have only been 3 days, but it felt like a week.I can’t wait to go back!


What You Ask For.

If you knew I liked you

Why didn’t you do anything about it

In the first place?

What made you categorize me as

“Not good enough”

How did I not meet your expectations?

Am I too dark

too fat

too curvy for your liking?

Was it that my hair is not any shade of orange?

Do I not have enough freckles?

Are my opinion too outspoken?

Am not dumb enough for you to take advantage of?

Can you see my internal scars between my gapped teeth

Every time I laugh?

Do you think I am too innocent?

Virgin like in a sense?

I don’t wear cat ears

Or watch anime

If that helps.

I’m not high maintenance or a shopaholic.

I hate shoes and makeup

And jewelry of all kind.

I hate all clothes that don’t come Kohl’s

And name brands printed across my chest.

Is it that I don’t wear stilettos to the beach?

Or to the office?

Or to pick up my nonexistent child up from school?

Is it that I don’t  have enough drama in my life

Or that I’m not from New York

With an annoying mother

And accent?

Is that I ask questions

Even though really

I don’t give a shit

About what you say?

Does it piss you off

That I like to learn

and that I don’t just go with flow?

Or that I refuse to do something

I clearly don’t want to do?

Is that I have class

And you’re not use to that ?

I know you’d much rather have someone

Who doesn’t have any  emotions

Because attachment

Is like the kiss of death in your eyes.

But maybe trashy prostitutes

Aren’t the best choice

Because that’s the only person

That fit your laundry list

of unrealistic expectations.

Men are looking for barbie I’ve noticed… bitch please, half the US is obese… barbie doesn’t exist anymore. 


Life’s a Beach.

Today I went to the beach with my dad so he could practice swimming. It was really relaxing because not alot of peope were there because it was almost 8 o’clock and the sun was going down. As I sat on the beach in my neon on green beach chair I recently claimed, I realized that at that moment i was the most relaxed I have been in a while. It was soothing, like the waves were taking my thoughts and throwing them into the ocean. As I was sitting there trying so hard not to get eaten alive by horse flys, I was trying to think of something, even a line for a poem that would describe that moment, and I came up with nothing. I couldn’t concentrate on my book I brought with me ( not a very good book, but I must finish) The waves were like a melody and I was almost thrilled that I forgot my earbuds at home. I’m glad I actually thought about taking pictures though. The beach is the best place to take pictures. Any hour of any day, the beach is always beautiful. I hope one day I can take pictures of more than just my neighborhood beach..

These pictures are Sandy Hooke beach. It’s about 10 minuets away from my house. It’s really historic and the beaches are really clean, but you have to pay an arm and a leg to get on so I don’t see a point in going. After 5 its free, hence why I was there…

I am not cheap or anything, I just don’t understand why I have to pay to go to nature… but anyway, it was an awesome night.


Hidden Messages Within the Trees.

I’ve realized when pictures are turned into black and white, there is more beauty within the picture… maybe thats my opinion. I’m starting to make photography a new hobbie. It could be nature or people but I love capturing moments I will never have again, with people I will probably never see again. There’s always hidden pictures within a picture, its like a Seek and Find game, I think thats kinda cool. 

Have a Good Night.


Finding Beauty at the Beach.

I took a walk to the beach today…I live 3 blocks away…

I was surprised to see people on the beach, usually no one goes there..

I went with my friend Shannon. I see her every couple of months. We were friends in Middle School.. it’s nice to catch up once in a while…

She never changes… but I have… but I can be obnoxious around her… She’s seen me through the “awkward years”. It’s funny when you figure out you live by such beauty.

Even in a white trash town… there is still beauty…

As much as I hate my neighborhood, I would miss this ^

Have a Good Night.


The Finale

You see there’s nothing

I’d rather do

Than sit on our front porch

And watch the present day

Come to an end.

I want to hear

The powerful current

Of the raging blue

Slam against the innocent beige.

I want to feel the humidity

Soak into my bronze skin

as the innocent blue sky

is pierced by colors

only found in my dreams.

I want to hear the crickets

Begin there nightly concert

For no one

But the observant.

I want to look

Into your deep brown eyes

As you stare out in the horizon.

I want to smile

And think how lucky I am

That you enjoy and appreciate

All the beauty around you.

As the sun goes under

The clouds and night

I enjoy the finale

Of the day

And the preview

Of the night.

I watched the sun set today out my bed room window today…. you know summer is coming when you can see your future through the clouds.


Escaping the Fire

Creating beauty

in the bottom of a riverbed,

is something that flowers

cannot do.

Beyond the slime

and the cloudiness

of the water

I see you,

tangled in the roots

of seaweed.

You have become your own

beautiful creature

as your perfect pale skin

is covered by

such decay

and ugliness.

Your sad blue eyes


creating radiance

as you are surrounded

by the ashes

of the evils

that lurk

in these waters.

You try to escape

but death

has swallowed you,

and freedom

you will never have

I Love the song We are Young by Fun. I love the beginning, the lyrics are awesome! You guys should check it out.

Have a Good Night <3 


The Window of Opportunities.

This is the view of my bedroom window. As shitty as my neighborhood is, in the early mornings it pretty damn beautiful. This is where I write the majority of my work. I used to be writing in my bed, but then when I did that, I always fell asleep. So to not fall asleep and actually get some work done. My parents bought me a desk, and a fan and a little light and I spend hours at a time in a little rolly chair that I decorated with sharpies when I was a freshmen in High school. I don’t know why I thought coloring the furniture was a good idea, but after 5 years it finally is starting to fade. As writers, what does your work  space look like. Some writers don’t have work spaces at all. They write on their phones or on their ipads. I don’t think I could do that. I believe that windows are doors for imagination to walk through, its like drugs for a drug addict. Windows are what imagination needs to grow, and I think I have a pretty nice view.

Have a great Day!