The Window of Opportunities.

This is the view of my bedroom window. As shitty as my neighborhood is, in the early mornings it pretty damn beautiful. This is where I write the majority of my work. I used to be writing in my bed, but then when I did that, I always fell asleep. So to not fall asleep and actually get some work done. My parents bought me a desk, and a fan and a little light and I spend hours at a time in a little rolly chair that I decorated with sharpies when I was a freshmen in High school. I don’t know why I thought coloring the furniture was a good idea, but after 5 years it finally is starting to fade. As writers, what does your work  space look like. Some writers don’t have work spaces at all. They write on their phones or on their ipads. I don’t think I could do that. I believe that windows are doors for imagination to walk through, its like drugs for a drug addict. Windows are what imagination needs to grow, and I think I have a pretty nice view.

Have a great Day!