Visiting Writer: Aryn Kyle.

So tonight I went to listen to a writer at my school. My club, Creative writing club, hosts the visiting writing series at Brookdale. We get to have dinner with the writer and talk to the writer directly before the reading itself. It was pretty awesome. Tonight the writers name was Aryn Kyle. She wrote the novel “The God of Animals” and the short story anthology ” Boys and Girls like you and me” She lives in the upper east side and she has been writing for as long as she can remember. She is pretty young and her hair is really pretty  in person. In some ways she looks like Nicole Kidman but without the obnoxious voice and red hair. Her voice reminded me of a book on tape and I wished she read her whole short story book instead of just one story because her voice was just that captivating. I really enjoyed talking to her because she answered questions that I was seeking answers to. Being a young writer is hard, especially when you think your writing is shit half the time. I read one of her stories “Nine”  and it was very good. Also, she can write a killer beginning and a killer ending. I would definitely check her out.

here’s a video of her reading a short story.. It wasn’t the one I heard tonight, but this one is good too.

Tonight was pretty inspiring..


A Letter to Cope the Mind.

Dear “He who should not be named,”

I wanted to tell you how grateful I am that you came into my life. I am also grateful for how quick you left.You made my life have some meaning when I thought it did not. You gave me somewhere to go when life became too much for a small girl like me. You opened your arms for me to fall into, even when sometimes I thought I didn’t need to. I gave into your sly smile and warm touch even when my greatest friends told me the opposite. I saw some glimmer behind your dull eyes and your powerful demeanor. You gave me something to look foreword to, disappoint over,hope for. But after all the pain and agony you have put me through, I longer long for you. I don’t strive for your approval. You have given me  the confidence to find someone who is going to treat me the way I deserve instead of being walked all over. Don’t tell me I have to act a certain way, or look a certain way. I am my own individual and not anyone, especially you, has the power the change that. You are not worth the pain I feel. As much as you made me happy, you have mad me just as mad. I was never good enough for you and you always looked for something to pick at.Now that you are gone, I can focus on me, the most important person that shouldn’t be left on the back burner. I will no longer feel miserable because your name doesn’t come up on my phone or mind. In time, I will fill in the blanks were you once filled. I will find something more productive things to do than wondering what you are doing. Wondering if tears fell down your face, its not worth it. You were not worth it. You never were and you never will be.

My friend was telling me how his girlfriend broke up with him and how miserable he was feeling. I told him he should write a letter. He doesn’t have to send it. But seeing it on paper helps,have unfiltered thoughts helps a mind cope. As a result of my advise, I did one too. I had a old boyfriend and he wasn’t the nicest. He was alright but dating is for fairies and I am not one.