Why Thanksgiving is my Favorite.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and it is my favorite holiday. I must sound like a fatass that way but I don’t care about anyone’s judgments. Thanksgiving is the ultimate cheat day and I must say after all the hard work I’ve done losing 20 lbs in 3 months, I think I deserve it, even though I’ll be regretting it hours later.

Even though Thanksgiving is about food, there is a bigger picture to it. Thanksgiving is all about being Thankful for what you have. Since the hurricane, I’ve really been thankful for everyone and everything in my life. I can go home and put a light on, watch tv, go on my computer without a problem. Some people who live down the street from me don’t even have homes; let alone a computer, tv and lights. It must be so hard for everyone who has been affected around now. They dont have money to start buying presents.. they are living in other people’s houses. I think its such a shame.

But fortunately for me, I get to have a wonderful thanksgiving tomorrow with all my family. Tomorrow I am making breakfast. I never do so it will be fun. I am making Cranberry Walnut pancakes;like the ones I had in Cape Cod;but hopefully better. For the dinner I am going to make Walnut Crumb Cake, don’t worry I will take pictures of all the delciousness tomorrow.

My favorite part of Thanksgiving is the parade. For as long as I can remember I remember sitting on the couch and watching the parade, then we would go to my aunts house and I would finish watching it there. It’s always the same crap every year but its always special, especially  at the end when Santa comes.. I think that’s my favorite because its the start of the holiday season.. and even though I work in retail, I really am excited this year.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!



Our Trip to the Vineyard.

So before the storm, I went to Martha’s Vineyard for a little weekend vacation. It wasn’t like any vacation I’ve gone on before. Even though the beginning was a little rough, I’ve realized that after this vacation that things were going to be not the same when we came back home. As my mom and I watched as Sandy was preparing her land fall on our precious home. We had a great time when we weren’t looking at the Tv. My Dad was running a marathon there, hence why we were going. All I can say, that Cape Cod/Martha’s Vineyard is all dogs and mattress stores. We stayed in Falmouth in this really cute hotel. The door was sliding glass door which overlooked a large lake. It would of been awesome in the summer but we went in October and it was anything but summer like out. For the first day we were there we went shopping around the town of Falmouth and then went over to Martha’s Vineyard. While we were there, we were trying to find the best restaurants to go to, then my  mom decided to get a to go menu from the restaurants and then put them in a scrapbook. For breakfast we went to a place called Betsey’s Diner. Before leaving people were telling us to check it out, they said it was great. With an anticipated mind and stomach we walked in the little tin diner filled with many hungry people. Just as we sat down a bus full of kids came in so we were happy we came when we did. I ordered cranberry walnut pancakes.

Here’s a picture:

I was actually disappointed because they weren’t as good as they looked. My dad had apple and cinnamon pancakes and that was a different story. They were very good. Since my trip to Chicago I’ve been on the look out for the best things I’ve eaten in every state I visit. This was not the best thing I ate in Cape Cod, I unfortunately didn’t take a picture of what was the best, but all I can say is that when you go on the Vineyard, you must must must get chowder.. it will be the best chowder you will ever have ever.

Next, we walked around the town of Falmouth where there were many little shops and stuff where I found this chair.. it is the coolest chair ever and if I could have bought it, I would have.

There was this little bookstore there and it was very cute. It was like an old fashioned one but it was cute and I felt like I was in a children’s book. It was cute.

After our morning of shopping in Falmouth, we went to the Vineyard, I thought walking to the shuttle would be a good idea, but after the 6th block, I was regretting it. Atleast it was nice out. On our travels we found this bike shop. My dad likes bikes so he was in his element.

when we got there, the views were beautiful..we went on a ferry to get there and I was very happy I didn’t get sick on the boat. I’m not very good with ferries but this one was good.

-My mom and I

When we got to the Vineyard, the roads were tiny and we were happy we didn’t take the car.

Then we went to the Black Dog Tavern where we were overlooking the water while eating chowder and fish sandwiches. It was really nice. It was such a nautical town, I understand why the rich go there.

The next day was the Marathon and when arriving we were greeting by this:

On the chilly Sunday morning, we waved to my dad as he ran for 26.3 miles around Falmouth. While my dad was into his run, my mom and I went for Breakfast at this place called pop kitchen. It was the cutest restaurant I’ve ever been to and we had corn beef and eggs and biscuits. It was so fun spending time with my mom and splurging a little.

When my dad came in, we packed our things and prepared ourselves to race Sandy home. She was not going to land before we were home and safe. I don’t think I will go back to Falmouth, but I had a really nice time in the Vineyard and Falmouth and I would like to see the towns around there like Nantucket and Hyannis.

As we said Goodbye to Martha’s Vineyard we were anxious about getting home and riding out the horrendous storm that was awaiting us.

I would recommend going to Martha’s Vineyard atleast once in your life. It was very nice, and relaxing.


So Today I got to see my cousin Juliana. It was also the first time I saw my family in  a month. It was like a ground moving moment. We were just hanging out talking about Honey Boo Boo child and  about life in general. I couldn’t imagine my family  not being really close. I couldn’t imagine not speaking to my family at all. My dad doesn’t talk to his side that much and I don’t really understand it honestly. I hadn’t seen my family in a month and I felt off. Now we got to talk and spend time together, I feel like I am whole again. Like I can go on with my days level headed. Lately my life has been really busy. I am trying to squeeze everyone in as well as I can. If it means not going to the gym ( Which I am so upset about) than so be it. I am trying to  juggle work,school,friends and the gym with two hands and sometimes, its alot harder than I ever imagined. But today it was different, I actually got to hang out with my family and no one was wanting me or pulling me away from what I wanted to do. I was actually relaxed and going with flow. I managed to fit family, the gym and work all in 1 day and I’m not even that tired… yet. 

Seeing Juliana is a big deal for our family because we only get to see her once a month. We make it a party everytime she comes. This time it was a Halloween party. We could dress up if we wanted but  I didn’t because I had to go to work. It was so fun seeing her and spending time with her and watching her grow up. It’s funny to think she will be in high school next year. I remember when she was born. It’s crazy and I feel ancient. 

She dressed up like a giraffe. She loves giraffes, it was so cute. My cousin was the progressive woman and her boyfriend was Gieko lizard. Everytime my family and I spend anytime together its a party, and I love that. 

I wish I could have spent more time with them but Kohls and money and responsibility and reality were calling, and I had to answer.


Here are a few pictures from the day, it was such a wonderful day. Also, Candy Corn Oreos…. Try them NOW!!







Family Balances Lives.

The Walking Dead.

So I had a little fun this weekend….

Over the weekend. I went to the Zombie walk in Asbury Park. This apocalypse has been going on for the last 5 years. This was my first year going. The walk is for Hunger ( which I find really comical) and the local blood bank was there running a blood drive. It is a 2 mile walk around the city of Asbury Park, but this is no ordinary 2 mile fun walk. This walk is deadly. On Monday, April 11th Guinness World Records™ officially recognized the New Jersey Zombie Walk as the new holder of the record for the World’s Largest Gathering of Zombies. The 3rd Annual Asbury Park Zombie Walk held on October 30th, 2010 made history as 4,093 zombies shambled across the boardwalk and through the city. Asbury Park and the Zombie Walk made it into the record book and have permanently cemented our status as one of the biggest and best Zombie Walks on Earth! I did not partake in that walk, but I think that’s kind of cool. As we were walking we saw all different kinds of zombies.

Alexis and I had a really awesome time. There was so many different people there, there wasn’t much to do but to just stare at people. It was such a awesome day to take pictures..

We also dressed up as zombies too. I was the patriotic zombie and Cheekz was just a regular zombie..

We also got crazy good food. I started it off with a Korean beef taco ( It was a cheat weekend) and than we ended with the famous crepes… My crepe had alot happen in its short life. We waited I think a half hour for this crepe and in the beginning I wasn’t even going to get one. But as the temperature dropped and my feet became numb I had to get something. While waiting, attractive men began making crepes for other people and dancing and singing to techno or dubstep or whatever its called music and they were shaking their asses in front of us. It was so funny. Than while standing in line, we started talking to the people behind us and they were just as indecisive on their choice of what kind of crepe they wanted as I was. In the end. I got a crepe with apple pie filling in it and Alexis got one with smores in it. It was the best dessert I’ve ever eaten, not even kidding. Don’t worry.. I took a picture of it to show you..

Overall after laughs,blanket stealing, awesome food,a million sneezes,more laughs,and tons of fake blood, I think I had a pretty awesome weekend.

Thanks Cheekiez and others who participated…


Salad Kisses.

your kiss reminded me of salad

crispy, light

and full of health.

but to me

its like starving an obese person.

I’m not saying your gross

or that you are eventually going to wilt,

I am saying you are a burst of fresh air

on the most humid day of the year.

you are a tall glass of water

after a long day of hard work.

you are relief

but  I am not used to using an umbrella when it rains.

I am used to getting soaking wet

and dancing in the rain.

I’m used to not being afriad of feelings

and love

because I have found someone

who lets me eat salad

even though in the end

I’d rather eat cake instead.

Everything is easier explained when it’s compared to food. Aren’t I right? 


Finally Finding the Light.

So yesterday, I have officially found the University I want to go to after Brookdale.Since High School, I had been searching for  countless hours for writing schools. I went to AWP and met writing schools but I didn’t really feel a connection with any of them. This College wasnt even at AWP but I love it anyway.

Before I tell you what college I picked (I want to give it some suspense) I want to tell you a backstory of why I picked this area to even think about going to school.

Last summer for my graduation, my mom surprised me with a trip to Disney. I hadn’t gone to disney since I was 6 yrs old. Alot of rides had opened within that 12 years I wasnt there. They also created a Harry Potter theme park, and me being a some what Harry Potter fan, I wanted to go and see what it was all about. But to my surprise, Florida was the least most enjoyable part of the trip. Besides going to Nashville and the Grand Ole Opry on the way there, the trip was a roller coaster of emotions and for a while it wasn’t much fun.On our way home, we stopped in Savannah Georgia. My mom and I have been watching the Food Network together for as long as I could remember. I’ve always wanted to jump into the Tv and taste Paula Deen’s Food. Paula Deen  coincidentally, is from Savannah Georgia. I wanted to see the Lady in Sons ( her restaurant) in person because I had heard about it on the show.

Once we got into the town of Savannah, I instantly fell in love with the atmosphere. The roads in downtown Savannah were small, but it was okay. It reminded me a little bit of Red Bank, which made me feel comfortable so far away from home. When we walked into The Lady and Sons I felt like I had finally jumped into the Tv, I could smell the sweet smell of southern comfort food, it was something I had NEVER smelt before in my life. The earliest time we could get a table would have been late so we didn’t eat there but we did buy a piece of Paula Deen’s Pecan Pie and let me tell you, it was the best pecan pie I have ever had in my entire life. As I was eating I was telling my mom I wanted it at my wedding. Before leaving Savannah we went to Paula’s brothers restaurant. It was called Bubbas.It was a seafood restaurant that sat right on the bayou.As we were driving to the restaurant, I kept staring out the window in amazement. The moss that was hanging from the trees was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Once we pulled into the restaurant, I heard the crickets begin to chirp. It wasn’t like New Jersey crickets, these were much louder.

When we walked into the restaurant, I was seated by one of the most attractive men I had ever seen in my life. Sitting down I was shell shock, I had walked into the cowboy Macy’s and I was going to enjoy the good food and the nice view. If I thought the mater de was hott, my waiter was even hotter. His name was mitchell and he sounded like Blake Shelton. He was telling us that New Jersey’s rep was ruined and he was happy we weren’t all guidos. Damn Snookie, ruining our rep.

Anyway, as I sat and ate the best corn bread I’ve ever had, I listened to our waiter talk about the grits,seafood and his life in Georgia. He was really nice, our waiters here are  nicer than in New Jersey, so it was a surprise to me. He even let us take a picture with him at the end. My friends wouldn’t believe how hott he was otherwise.

As I was leaving Savannah, I was stuffed, satisfied,and disappointed all at the same time. Savannah itself didn’t disappoint me, leaving Savannah itself did. I didn’t want to leave. I wish I could have spent a week there. Savannah felt like home. Everyone was so nice, and kind it was a BIG difference compared to New Jersey.

So when looking for a school, I decided that a school in Savannah would be the perfect choice. I love the south, I love country music, and finding a writing school in Savannah put the icing on the cake of love and passion. I was talking to this one girl in my English class a few months ago about colleges, she told me she  wanted to go to Savannah College. I had never heard of Savannah College. She didn’t tell me at the time it was a university for the arts. So yesterday as I looked up Savannah College for the first time, I was pleasantly surprised that it was a school for the arts. It has my major, it isn’t that expensive, and it is in a good area of Savannah.

I have decided I want to go there for my bachelors instead of my masters. I was going to do a NJ BFA and then a Savannah MFA, but after talking to my friend about it, I have decided that I am too, done with New Jersey. New Jersey is my home, My family, but Savannah and SCAD are my future and I cannot wait to jump into it.

I am not going for another year and a half, but getting all the information was exciting and I thought I would share my excitment with you!


A Snapshot in Time: Red Bank

The Town of Red Bank New Jersey holds many memories for me. Memories that I will never forget. This piece was something I wrote for school but I never handed it in. In this piece, I will be taking you on a journey through the town of Red Bank. I’m hoping to make “Snapshot in Time” a series. Writing about Places that have changed my life.  Let me know if you guys think its a good idea. Enjoy :)

Riverside park, it all started there. A crowd of people around us as we all looked at the same thing. The warm grass peeked between my tan little feet as a slight warm summer breeze went through my thick curly brown hair. Big booms were coming from the sky as mixtures of red, whites, and blues were radiant in the dark starless sky. A warm arm was laced over my bare shoulders as I leaned into him. I felt wanted, secure, content in my own skin. It was a perfect, innocent moment for such an involved holiday.  The commotion of the people seemed to of drifted away for that very moment, the booms of the fireworks echoed throughout the small town that held so many memories and secrets. The sweet sound of an acoustic guitar played softly in the distance as we all watched the start of summer beginning to unfold and an end to a rough winter finally come to a close.

Spring Street, the street where love and lust melded into one.  Rain pelted the windshield so gently that it looked like teardrops falling from the ominous sky. There was nothing sad about the nights on Spring Street. The love that was bleeding out of my heart flooded the street was something that was beautiful to the eyes. The cracks imprinted my feet as I walked barefoot back to the apartment which was my temporary home.  The church bells echo the silent street late at night, making Spring Street seen more mysterious then it actually is. Before a short while ago, I never knew Spring Street ever existed, but now it’s the only place I think about. It’s a sanctuary, a secret. The little cottages with the small wrap around porches welcome me as the excitement engulfs my being as I anticipate to see him; to finally arrive at my safe place.

Broadway Grill, the smell of grease will be permentally caked on those walls until the end of time. The ripped up pink booths and chipped plastic cups will never change. I blindly walked into the diner for the first time to meet a complete stranger.  The first and the last blind date I will ever go on. The date dragged on by his flamboyant personality and his feminine like traits that clearly made me realize that I was certainly not interested.. Fights and disagreements have been discussed around the stained tables as freezing rain fell around us on. Friendships have ended and new ones have blossomed as we shared waffle friends and ceaser salad that was the best in town. The small tin diner that wouldn’t look it would fit in such a neat artsy town, fits perfectly like a glove.

Personally I’ve never been inside the Galleria, but I have heard it was nice. It is a beautiful building especially when people walk out of it and can hear you singing in your car, really loud. Singing really loud to powerful songs can always make rough days better. It gets even better when you unexpectantly start forming an audience and people start singing along, especially when it’s country music. Famous was the only word I immediately thought of. A smile formed on my face when song was coming to an end, I guess that day wasn’t too rough.

Broad Street; the keeper of most of memories. The quiet moments, the deep thoughts. From Ricky’s and eating ice cream with a group of friends where the sugar content we consumed was unimaginable to running to the starbucks as the rain drenched our clothes to the bones and we had no others. Where I found my friend hooking up with some guy behind the quickchek and how awkward and funny I made it for them. Red Bank has been the keeper of secrets, memories, heartbreaks, and hardships. I enjoy coming to this town, it has treated me well. I wish I actually lived in town and I hope one day I will.