College Bucket List.

So today while I was on twitter I found this account called “College Bucket List”. I thought it was awesome because I never thought of doing a college bucket list. I do a yearly bucket list, I guess you can call it a goal list more so than a bucket list. So I’ve decided I’m going to write my own and share it with you. If you think some should be added, please let me know.. the world is huge  and the opportunities are endless

1.Go to a Frat Party: Since I’m in Community College, frat parties don’t exist. I don’t even think parties really exist but since I’ve started college. I haven’t gone to any college parties. You see them on movies where girls go to the fraternities and than get passed out drunk and get date raped. I don’t necessarily want to get date raped but I just want to see the atmosphere and have a good time, and use the funnel.

2. Wear a Bikini: I’ve never worn a full bikini. Even when I was little, my mom always put me in a one piece bathing suit. Bikinis + chubby girls =hot mess. Even my mom was smart when dressing me. My goal is to be able wear a bikini with confidence, even it means wearing it under my graduation gown, I’ll be confident nonetheless.

3. Go to the City with Friends: I’ve never been to New York without my parents and now that I’m almost 20 years old, I think its time I need to spread my wings and fly to  the New York world. I personally hate New York City. It’s not my style but everything is exciting  there. My friend was telling me how he went on this theatrical bus tour in New York, that sounds really awesome. And I kinda wanna go to the Sex Museam, and that would be awkward to go with your mom..

4. Go Zip lining: Apparently zip lining is the new thing, and with my fear of heights, I think I should do it just to get rid of my fear. Being afraid of things aren’t going get you anywhere. You may fall and hurt yourself but its all about the adrenaline and who knows, you may like it much more than you think.

5.Compete in an Eating Contest: When I was thinking of this I started to laugh. I’ve always wanted to do this but I always feel like a fatass, and than I chicken out. I don’t think I could do hot dogs, but if its like pie, I could do it. I don’t think I’d train or anything. Fatass or Not, we are all going to be puking together after so whats the point of judging?

6. Go To A Rave: I always see all these people in Neon colors  going to all these clubs and grinding up on strangers on facebook.I think going to a club would be fun but with that many people and all that music, it must be exciting.Dancing with strangers that you will never see again would be interesting. I hope when I go I don’t discover I have epilepsy or anything.

7.Fall in Love Again: People say that when you first fall in love, you’ll never forget them for the rest of your life. Since I’ve fallen in love so early, I am curious to whether I will ever fall in love again. I wonder if it will feel the same way I do now. I wonder if it will  hurt as much as it’s going to. I wonder if the feeling will be better, we’ll just have to wait and see.

8.Go Cowtipping:I know this is EXTREMELY inhumane and I really love animals,but I saw this on tv once and I’ve always wanted to do it. I wanna run around and laugh my ass off as I tipped over cows. I don’t know why people would find this entertaining but I’m strangely really curious. Maybe I’ll just come and watch the cow tipping because #1 I don’t think I’m strong enough to tip over a cow and #2 I don’t think I have the guts to do it.

9. Go to an ABC Party: If you don’t know what an ABC party, its an anything but clothes party. My friend alexis went to one and she wore a garbage bag. She was trying to pull of the “White Trash” look. I think I’d make a dress out of license plates or books, be really creative . I don’t think I’d go all Lady Gaga and wear a meat dress, I think thats kinda gross and cliche.

10. Date a Professor: I’ve only had one remotely cute professor but he had three little kids and drove a mini van so he was out of question completely. Before I graduate I must at least kiss a professor. I know it sounds gross but age doesn’t matter to me. I’m not one of those girls who will sleep with their professors for grades. I’ll bust my ass in the class, but its nice to get a reward at the end of day if you know what I mean ;)

Besides giving me my diploma, I hope college gives me memories and friends that will last a life time.



A Message Behind You.

I really love looking at license plates, and while sitting in hours and hours worth of beach traffic,I can tell you I have seen  some interesting license plates. I personally know my license plate number by heart just incase someone annouces  it over the loud speaker  at a store because I’m parked in the wrong place (It’s happened)

But over my course of driving, I’ve seen a couple of interesting license plates that I actually took pictures of, I wonder if that is considered creepy.

I actually saw this ^  the other day while driving to the gym. My friend Cheekz and I were have a pretty heart to heart deep conversation  when I stopped at a red light, turned my head,started laughing and took out my phone ( the Iphone does wonders) It ruined the entire conversation but I really am happy someone is that clever… ( AMERICA HAS SOME HOPE!)

I saw this license plate on my journey to Nashville Tennessee. It was funny because my mom and I were trying to see where they were going. It was a group of old ladies which made it even more perfect. They didn’t go to Tennessee, I think they went to Atlantic City, but I am not sure.

There was another one I saw that was by far my favorite. I unfortunately did not get a picture of  it ( I was not part of iphone nation at that time) We were in Virginia on our way home from Disney and we stopped at a rest area to go to the bathroom, My friend turns to me and shows  me the best license plate in the history of time. It said KRIPA (Creep-AH) I almost died. It was so awesome, why would one put that on their license, and than I thought about it. I would defiantly do that. As my nickname which I have grown to love, I would defiantly get QKRIPA as a license plate. ( Q stands for Queen, obviously).

My Dad has one with his initials on them and my uncle has his first name. I don’t know if I would want a personal license plate. Its funny seeing them though, when thinking about getting a personal license plate when does getting YADA 3X go into someones head? I love the American Driver.


The Showers of Thoughts

Like for March, I wrote my thoughts everyday for April as well. I wrote it a little different, the quotes or thoughts are spontaneous. It helps me remember what happened on each day, I remember what I have done this way. Not everyday seems like a blur anymore. I am working on it for May..

Warning, some might be a little inappropriate. But no one has an appropriate life.

April 2012

April 2: There’s always light at the end of tunnel.

April 4th: Why must I over analyze everything.

April 5th: Having a stranger put his hand in your vagina and say he can feel your overy is pretty fucking incredible.

April 6th: Love sleeping for 2 hrs and then getting woken up for sex, beautiful.

April 7th: 20$ for 6 Hours of babysitting is like slave labor.

April 9th: As much you like hearing yourself talk, I really don’t give a shit what you have to say.

April 10th: All I can say is that you confuse me.

April 11th: He was a 10 before I found out he smoked Marboro Reds, now he’s more like a 15.5

April 13th: I can’t take it anymore

April 14th: It’s gross to have sex on your period.

April 16th: I can feel another roll comin on.

April 18th : It’s inconvieniant for Brookdale to have white chairs.

April 19th: Everytime I come here, I am reminded of how much of an asshole I am.

April 20th:All  my excitement is ruined by mother nature, thank you so much, asshole.

April 22nd: Food shopping is like a sport to some.

April 28th: People gotta be so caddy.

April 30th: Simple is complex, and complex is shallow.

…… May 1st