Big Impacts with Few Words.

Sitting here waiting

For darkness to blanket my world

To hear the chorus of the winds.


The blue has turned gray

As the water begins to seep

Into my home


Glass shattered

Lives ruined by her evil moods

Mother Nature,why?


Just a few haikus about the storm.. I’m trying different things when it comes to poetry, hope you guys are cool with that.



Hitting too Close to Home.

After my survival of Hurricane Sandy, I’ve become very humbled by the amount of people helping out and coming together to make a difference. As all of you know, sandy slammed the Jersey shore  with high winds and rain taking many homes and vacation spots along with it . The water came up to the block before mine and I’m thanking god everyday it did not continue beyond that point. With this storm, it has destroyed places that I’ve grown up at. That I visited,were I had many memories at. After seeing some of the pictures of Seaside Park and Keansburge it breaks my heart to know that it will never be the same.

A few days after Sandy hit, my job opened back up for service. I work in a retail store so many people were filing  in buying donations and essientals for their homes. Since at that time many counties in the state were without power, the essentials included flashlights,candles and batteries. But as our computer system began to fail on us, my manager decided to make everything fifty percent off. My store manager is pretty awesome to begin with, but after that, there were many happy customers praising him on his generosity.But as the news spread like fire, more people came in buying things that had nothing to do with the storm or donations. They were buying Christmas gifts and really expensive items. As I kept my mouth shut and my head down, this customers came up to my counter and handed me a few shirts to scan. She asked me about the sale, assuming she was Christmas shopping, I told I couldn’t give her an extra 15% off if I didn’t see the coupon. I looked up and saw her makeup was smeared acrossed her face like she had been crying. I told her to not worry about it and I gave it to her anyway. She told me that lost everything in the storm and the clothes she was wearing was the only a few things she had left. She told me what street she lived on which was only five minuets from my house, which was also one of my old friends street.

Today on my way to school, I thought I’d take a ride and see what her street looked like. As I crawled down the street everyone’s belongings was spewed out onto the lawns. It brought me to tears because I’ve walked down that street years ago, I’ve been in those houses and now they are destroyed.

I really am flabbergasted by what has happened in New Jersey. I just got my power back on last night and I’ve been so busy that I haven’t even been able to write on here. Now since I have a little time, I will be back on more. We are now expecting a new storm tomorrow. It doesn’t have a name, but it still looks dangerous and we may lose power again, and if we do, then goodbye for now.

heres some pictures of what sandy has done to my state :

If you can, please donate to the red cross,  you can go to there website. Many people tonight are still without power and we are expecting snow storm tomorrow so please pray for us in New Jersey!

We are Jersey Strong, we will rebuild.