Believe in the you that I believe in.

 Believe in the one you wanna be

 but are too scared.

The you that stood over people

who stomped you down with words

 that never mattered.

Who treated you the way they did

Because it was “cool”.

The you that kissed the wrong girls

But doesn’t regret, just laughs and turns red.

Believe in the you that thinks that they don’t have work

Everyday minute to make her happy.

Believe in the you that deserves to be happy

From the moment you wake up to the second

You lay that head on the pillow. The you that smiles

 loves deep.

Believe in the you I believe in

Because you are all I will ever need.


Life Changer.

you are a piece of me

like an pendent you sparkle

blinding strangers with your raze of grace you tower high

into this world look down and see nothing

specks of green,brown moving down highways but yet

you feel small,engulfed by crowds of screams and glassy eyes

they await for you

to feel your warmth as you shut the door

they long to move on but in that split second

they are with you

and their lives are changed forever


Today is my mom’s birthday and I can’t even tell you how many lives she touches and changes everyday. She is a wonderful women and I’m proud to call her my mom


Happy Birthday Mom!


Love Sarah.

Classy, Never Trashy.

Today I was thinking back to my High School days and I must say, being in college is a hell of alot harder mentally than high school. In high school you don’t think about money, a job, gas, ways to get financial aid and all that shit. Your biggest concern is whether or not you’re going to have a date to the prom. I was talking to my old friend Stephanie a couple of days ago and she was catching me up on her life because I hadn’t seen in her god knows when. She was telling me all about these guys who liked her and all this shit. She was going on and on about how much her life is wonderful and her boyfriend is wonderful but she isn’t sure if he’s cheating on her and blah blah blah. As I was continuing to listen, I was realizing that her life has absolutely NO substance. She has no troubles in her life but yet she is still trying to find out something bad in her wonderful situation. Granted, sometimes when my life begins to turn awesome, I am waiting and in some ways hoping something shitty happens because life isn’t suppose to be awesome all the time.

I was watching Keeping up with the Kardashians for many hours yesterday and I noticed that they blow the littlest things completely out of proprotion. Like just because Khole isn’t hanging out with you, doesn’t mean she hates you. I don’t know why I watch that show besides that I was waiting for Sex and the City to come on after and there was nothing else on. Reality TV is stupid, like how can you become famous by having a camera man follow you around in your pj’s?

I don’t think I’d want to be a TV personality. I wouldn’t want every single detail of my life aired on national television. There are somethings in my life that I would much rather keep private. I don’t even like when people watch me fight or if I’m fighting in public, its just embarrassing. People don’t have any class anymore.

Living in my neighborhood, I’ve realized that people DO NOT have class at all. They’d rather walk around with no bra on and mow the front lawn than to actually look decent in public. I don’t cut the lawn, I actually don’t have much lawn but if I did,I would atleast put a bra on.

People should present themselves better, maybe they’ll actually get treated with respect.