Mama’s Son.

She stands there

Leaning in the doorway of your bathroom


Thinking of the next thing to say

But she looks at you


You look up at her


Because that’s all you know.


Tears rolled down her cheeks

Because she doesn’t know


She would do without you.

You giggle

Splashing the toy

Under the warm water.


She picks you up

Your shaking body against hers

Wet hair falling

 on her shoulder

Pulling warm clothes

Over wet skin

You cry

Pulling socks over

Your small feet


She kisses you

You hug her

Because you don’t know what

you would do

Without her.


A Special Thanks.

So I submitted to my first contest tonight, I am kind of excited but I am not sure if I should be. I could win a nook and be published in Biographile its a magazine that strictly for memoirs and stuff but its only on the internet. I must say, Twitter has been helping me TONS because I wouldn’t get any information if I didn’t have one. Also, Twitter has made my friend Andrew and the the stupid things he says… very popular. I also have magazines following me and also having a blog is very fun too because you all get to enjoy what I love to do. There isn’t really a point to this entry besides that I am very humbled and appreciative that you all enjoy my work so much. I try very hard, to submit something everyday. That was the goal when I made this was to write everyday, and since I’ve been doing this for over a month now, I think I’ve done a pretty successful job. My life isn’t very exciting, but its full of creative ideas. I don’t understand why things happen the way they do, as you can tell from my past entries. Today I reached 300 views in 30 days… thats pretty amazing. Thank you all so much. When at the end of day, and I get new followers and comments, it gives me confirmation that I am not wasting my time. After going to the AWP conference, writing has become my top priority. I can honestly say I am a writer. This has become not just a hobby, it has become my life. I know my writing will take me places where I thought I would never go. It will give me opportunities I will never in a million years get, and it will change me, it has already changed me. The writer me is pretty cool, I’d be friends with writer me.

Thank you to all my followers! It means alot.

Have a good night.