After the Storm.

I never wanted it to end like this

Watching the snow blanket the cold concrete,

Suffocating the world around me.

I try to analyze each word I said

Figuring out where I went wrong

Where we went wrong.

The crisp crunchy leaves crack under my feet

As I walk away from what was comfortable

What was safe.

Now weeks have gone by

And my heart holds onto to something

That never existed.

Imagery, wandering thoughts

Collaborated into an idea

Of what you were.

Of what I wish you were.

Of what you’ll never become.

As the bright sun escapes from the dark clouds

I feel the warmth wash over me like holy water

And feel free.

just a little poem. only thing you can do when you have no electricity, for 7 days.



A Word with God.

I had a word with God today

and this is what I said

I told him I was sorry

for being the way I am

He said not to worry

and that good would come my way

but I told I didn’t deserve it

And that life has become hard

he said that the devil has blanketed us with hate

smothering us by the day

so I must save my breathes for kindness

and good would come my way

I rolled my eyes and laughed

because the devil I didn’t believe

God said look at a stormy sky

And you will believe in the creator of evil

Storms whipped the tress that night

waking me up from my sleep

I looked out the window

and saw the anger in the clouds

the devil has come back

and struck our calmness with fear

and we too will become evil

just like him.

I’ve been thinking of going back to church, and for the first time in a long time I actually prayed last night. I hope God heard me. 


Happiness in a Cloudy Day.

So today my friend Andrew and I hung out in Colts Neck. Colts Neck is one of the prettiest towns I have ever been to  but there is like NOTHING to do there besides look at peoples houses and go on swings. Anyway, as we were waiting for another wave of storm to come and drench us ( 3rd time being wet today) there were funnels in the clouds. It was cool because it was circling around us until it started thundering. I felt like I was in the middle of a tornado, but not as windy.Thundering is my favorite, even though my dogs think its like the earth ending. As the water drenched my clothes I was full of happiness. I am amazed how weather, even the angriest weather, can make two people extremly happy. The weather has been becoming very bipolar lately, I’m kinda enjoying its inconsistency.

Enjoy the Breeze tonight <3


Home is Where the Rainbows End.

Today as I was driving home, I saw  a rainbow. In New Jersey, you hardly see rainbows so this rainbow sighting was pretty cool. For some reason, when I see rainbows, I always go back to my childhood. When I was really little, my mom used to yell from outside the house whenever a rainbow would show up. I would run out and together her and I would look up and watch the rainbow until it faded. We both thought they were beautiful. I remember I used to wonder why I could only see a few colors and not the whole rainbow. The rainbows I saw growing up used to fade quickly, but today I drove through the rainbow, I thought that was really cool. It looked like an arch over my town. I felt like I was finally home, because once I got to my town, the rainbow had faded. I still managed to take few pictures while driving because I couldn’t waste that incredible,pure,childlike moment. 

Have a Good Night. 


Seeing Beyond the Fog.

Yesterday while at school, I took this picture. I am taking an Oceanography class on Sandy Hooke this summer. It is really boring but yet interesting at the same time. I love being surrounded by water. I get so inspired by the beach, maybe its because I’ve lived by in my whole life, I don’t know, but it brings back ALOT of memories. 

This is the bay side of Sandy Hooke. It was foggy and mysterious. That kind of weather is my favorite. It’s puzzling and mysterious and unpredicatable. I love that. 

I wish I was mysterious… I am pretty obvious. Whatever.