Goodbye FDU… for now.

Well as the semester comes to a close, I giggled at the post under this one. Oh how far I’ve come from that. I’ve grown so much in the last few months that I’ve even surprised myself with my ability to be happy without the ones I love around. It’s crazy but I don’t really want to go home now. I love it here so much and I know I’ll come back but the fact that I made it, got through the first semester and did well is so accomplishing. I’ve made so many friends and contacts in the last couple months that now Andrew and I have made The FDU creative writing club and we together are rocking the world here. People look up to us, amazed by everything that we know. I don’t know why the  last few days I’ve been getting so emotional over leaving here because I know I’ll be back. There were times here that I was at my lowest but there were times I’ve  figured out that its okay to get sloppy and be yourself and  wear cheetah pajamas and open up to people you were so afraid  to open up with before. I can honestly say that all my good times and bad  start with the sentence “Andrew and I were…” and I think how different it would be if he wasn’t here. As an only child, this semester showed me what it was like to have a sibling, that person you see every day have the majority of meals with, and that you wake up to (sort of) . That person who you bicker with or tell that they are your best friend when you are drunk. I honestly don’t think I could have gotten through this semester without him and I am so grateful he is here.

As the semester comes to a close, well today. I can honestly say that I am so looking forward coming back  I already miss the sounds of the trains coming through campus all night and the planes that fly so low that I can see the small windows on the sides… and the birds, the birds that chirp at 4 in the god damn morning. Next semester  I already have a roommate (that I like! ) and I will be ruling this school just like I ruled brookdale, but better. I am already News Editor for the Newspaper, The president of a Creative Writing Club that didn’t exist when I got here and working right along side with the Head of the Creative Writing Department in a paid internship. As I start cleaning out my room I remember how cold this room felt when I first moved in and how poorly I felt about myself and my surroundings, and how I  felt like I was sleeping in someone else’s room. Now we no longer do homework in the laundry room and I don’t drink beer. We study in MY room and we drink honey wine and listen to Mozart.  I’m not a random anyone, I’m taking over the world.



Dogs are Furry Humans.

this is my dog.. his name is Jack. He’s 11 years old.

He is the brother I never had. We fight like brother and sister. He knows when I am sad, and like any brother, tries to make me feel better the best way a dog can. He is my companion. My friend. My family.

Today Jack and I are suffering severe allergies. We are not to thrilled about it.

Spring has Sprung I guess.


My Runaway.

You make me dance

like a flower in the wind

petals moving back and forth

as the deep breeze

slowly moves

through my hair.

You run towards me

the anticipation of seeing you

has made a tornado

of thoughts

that circles around my brain.

But then I look again

and you are no where

to be found.

The sun is now saying

its final good day

to the world

I grew tired

of waiting for your arrival.

I’m not afraid to walk

on this starless night

where the cold wind glides

off the calm ocean.

As the sun goes to bed

I know you

will be thinking of me

just like I

will be thinking of you.

The twinkling stars

remind me

of your eyes

as you ran towards me

on that windy spring morning.

But you made a choice.

You turned around

and ran away

just like

you always have.

I think  this is pretty incredible.Today was a big eye opening day.