Complex and Content

Staring out the window




did one chapter flow into the next so beautifully

how chapters became strung together

like popcorn on string, where my life

was magnetized to another’s as if I was

the metal and I was just waiting by the phone

for him to stick to me.

I stare out the window

when did god ,fate ,the devil decide

that at this time I would find the treasure after years

of digging and coming up with nothing

except holes and scars.

the glistening gold against salt

gems jewels and you stare back

and I become so lucky

more then I even thought I was before


Just a little poem to start off a dreaded Monday, but hey already starting to plan next weekend and I already can’t wait :)



The Black Widow is Dead.

Did that just happen?

Did you just try to get me back?

With pleading and crying behind a person

Who doesn’t know you

The real you I’m sure.

Your life was a spider web of lies

I’m surprised you could remember what the truth was

After all the drugs you’ve taken

You thought you were smarter than the world

But you didn’t know

That the world watched every move you made

Heard every lie you told

And they loved you anyway

Because they had hope

But after you lied to me

The one who kept all your secrets

Secured all your lies

I lost all hope

Because being a liar won’t get anywhere

And I refuse to be tangled in your web.



I’m surprised by people daily…..