this song has been in my head all day. I’ve been so busy with work and crap that I haven’t been on. Thought I’d share some music that is keeping me going..

Thank you Little Big Town

Happy Sunday!


Visiting Writer: Aryn Kyle.

So tonight I went to listen to a writer at my school. My club, Creative writing club, hosts the visiting writing series at Brookdale. We get to have dinner with the writer and talk to the writer directly before the reading itself. It was pretty awesome. Tonight the writers name was Aryn Kyle. She wrote the novel “The God of Animals” and the short story anthology ” Boys and Girls like you and me” She lives in the upper east side and she has been writing for as long as she can remember. She is pretty young and her hair is really pretty  in person. In some ways she looks like Nicole Kidman but without the obnoxious voice and red hair. Her voice reminded me of a book on tape and I wished she read her whole short story book instead of just one story because her voice was just that captivating. I really enjoyed talking to her because she answered questions that I was seeking answers to. Being a young writer is hard, especially when you think your writing is shit half the time. I read one of her stories “Nine”  and it was very good. Also, she can write a killer beginning and a killer ending. I would definitely check her out.

here’s a video of her reading a short story.. It wasn’t the one I heard tonight, but this one is good too.

Tonight was pretty inspiring..

Why I am a Dog Person.

After watching this video I want this dog.

I think that all dogs have their own personality. I think in some ways, people are reincarnated into dogs because I don’t know how dogs can be so human like. As you have seen from my past posts, I have two dogs myself. My dogs are hilarious. The other day, my friend came to pick me up from my house. My dogs were going on and on because my friend had never been to the house before. I told the dogs that he wasn’t going to hurt me and they listened. I treat my one dog jack like we are siblings. Because I am an only child, my dogs are as close to siblings as I am going to get. I love my dogs,but this video is so cute. Hope you enjoyed it!

People of World…


Tonight during the closing ceremony of the Olympics, I saw my childhood seep out of the woodwork. It was pure amazing.

When I was 6 years old, my cousin Joan and I LOVED the Spice Girls. We were obsessed, along with Backstreet Boys and Nsync. We were 90’s girls, what do you expect? When I found out that the spice girls were playing at the closing ceremony I immediately called Joan, I knew she would be as excited as I was. As I watched, I was amazed how much they sounded the same as they always were. It was a very nostalgic moment.
I wish the music of this era was still around today because 80’s and 90’s music was awesome. Everything about the 90’s was awesome in my opinion. The cartoons were better, the clothes weren’t as stupid looking, the music was hell of alot better and even though it was about sex and shit, it wasn’t like they were throwing it in your face like they are now.
My cousin and I now still like the same music, but now its country. She always invites me to go to concerts with her and her friends and its so fun. My cousin Joan influences me alot. For a while I was into punk rock and she wasn’t but besides that,when she liked something, I liked it too. I guess because shes older than me, maybe that’s why.I’ve always looked up to Joan. She is as close to a sister as I am ever going to get and I’m really happy I get to share moments like “seeing the Spice Girls again after 13 years” with her.

Congrats to all the Athletes, it was fun watching, see you in Rio!

Love on Top.

I have loved Beyonce since she was in Destiny’s Child. When I was younger I would sing through my hair brush all Beyonce’s songs. She really is inspiring to all woman. She is living proof that any woman,any race can be heard. I love Beyonce because she is a positive influence on young girls showing them that you can be independent and no man should ever get you down. This is Beyonce’s new song, I love it. You Go Beyonce!


Thank God For Hometowns.

Today I was driving to red bank to meet my friend Scott for dinner and I was listening to this song on repeat. Not because I know all the words, but because as I was driving, the sun was starting to set and I was thinking about what it will be like moving from this town.

I’ve had my house up on the market for quiet some time now. It’s unfinished and my dad isn’t attempting to finish it.When my mom told me that we were eventually going to be moving, it was bittersweet. I’ve lived in this town in my house since I was four years old. I had my first kiss across of the street from my house by my neighbor that no longer lives there. I found out who I was as a person in this town. I’ve cried the hardest in front of this house. I’ve left secrets on ideal beach. I sang my heart out in the church a block away. Everyone sees my smiling face every year at the fair. This is my town. My turf. I know almost everyone in my neighborhood ( even if I don’t like them). But my future doesn’t lye between the walls of this house, or even in this town, its somewhere bigger

It’s strange that one day someone else will be living in my house, sitting in this very room. My things will be gone but a memory like writing my blog on my desk in my room is something that will stay in this house. This house holds tears, triumphs,laughter and most importantly love.
Going away to college is something I am not necessarily ready to do right now. In a year I will be ready, but right now I am happy I live home and even though I hate my neighborhood. Thank god for hometowns.


Nebraska Jones.

This is the girl in the popular  song “Somebody that I used to Know”. I really love that song.. and I really am starting to like Kimbra ( this artist). This is probably one of the most straight forward songs I think I have ever heard. Theres no fluff in the lyrics, shes just saying ” I wanna have a baby with you”. Plain and Simple. I think I like straight forward songs because I am just a simple person. The things I say don’t have double meanings or anything. They are straight forward, and you aren’t going to get anywhere in life if you aren’t. People aren’t going to waste their time and try and guess what you are saying.. people these days are lazy.
Hope you enjoyed this song.. I really like her alot.


What Will the Future Hold for Me?

So I’ve been thinking and listening to this song for the entire weekend. I wonder where I will be when I’m 33, I wonder if I find myself. I feel like a high schooler. I feel like I don’t have grasp on anything. I wish I wasn’t so afraid to get hurt. Maybe I’d feel better.

Miranda Lambert, you make me think :)


Wine After Whiskey

I really love Carrie Underwood’s new album but this is my favorite song  off the new album. I kept thinking about this song after I heard it for the first time. I always liked Carrie Underwood,ever since she won American Idol. After Carrie Underwood’s win, I stopped watching Idol. Idol to me now is just looking for the look and not the voice. That is why I watch the Voice. It isn’t as popular as Idol is, but I like it because Blake Shelton is in it. And I love Miranda Lambert.
I will be getting this Cd as soon as I can. It’s a warm hearted Cd. I really enjoy it.