Close my eyes


The boats hitting against the dock

and the low hum the water

slow beating of the heart


hearing wind whistling

in our pink ears

heat soaked into my skin

by him.

Grabs my hand and I am cold


Wondering if this worth


Putting on the armor

swinging the sword

Preparing for being




Yes, I’ve realized I haven’t been around in a long time. I took an unexpected hiatus, hopefully I will be back now.




Taking a Break.

Today is not a poetry day, but there is something I wanted to ask the world that I don’t know the answer to. Is taking a break in a relationship good or bad? In the last 24 hrs, two of my friends had discussions with their significant others on taking a break. Weather it would because one is turning 21 and doesn’t want to have the chain of a relationship around their neck while at the bar to  because they were together for some time and they were arguing. In my opinion taking a break doesn’t mean breaking up, it means giving someone some time to get things done. I had this same conversation with my boyfriend a week ago, I told him we needed to take some time apart so he could get his shit together. There were other things going on around that that aren’t important but the point I’m making is that, your significant may be  distracting you  in getting what you need to get done, done. I can’t even tell you how hard it was to balance a boyfriend,my clubs that I run, my friends  and finals week. Luckily my friends in my clubs took a bit of lead and my boyfriend was very supportive and let me have some time to just get my mind together and to study, even if it meant studying while sitting in his kitchen or making stuff for my clubs at his house. If I had a break during that time, I could see it being easier, but my relationship was somewhat new at that time and taking a break before month number 3 is never an option.

                I think that breaks are necessary sometimes. Sometimes you need that break to realize how important your significant other is to you, how much they make an impact on your lives and how much you can’t live without them. I also thinking that taking a break maybe a bad thing because its just someones way of being a coward and not just ending what they in reality to be ended. I think taking a break can be good and bad, but I know the break has to be mutual because if its not then that’s just you getting dumped.


To all my friends thinking about taking breaks, reevaluate your relationship before making a decision.


I’m a Lucky Girl.

As I walked into the 7/11 last night, I realized how lucky I am. I was watching this girl  who was with her boyfriend and I felt like was watching my reflection. She was standing at the doorway of waiting for her boyfriend who was getting coffee. She didn’t look happy but when she saw him walking towards her,she smiled really wide. But than, the guy just walked past her without any recollection of her at all. She followed him with her head down and her smile disappeared. That whole scenario wasn’t my reflection but when the girl left, I asked Scottie if he saw what just happened. He was also getting coffee next to the asshole guy so he didn’t see anything, of course. It hit me that if I was that girl and I smiled really huge when Scottie was walking up to me, I don’t think he would ignore me. He would roll his eyes and call me a geek and we would walk out together.I am lucky that I am not stuck in a situation like that girl was in. In a way, I actually understood her because I was like that atleast once in my life. You’re trapped because you love the person so much  because if you left them, it would  kill you

After our trip to 7/11, Scottie and I we were talking about eyes. Recently, eyes have started to intrigue me. I wonder what people see when they see me. Supposedly I am easy to read, but reading me and looking in my eyes are two very different things. My eyes can tell you one story but “I” can tell you another. He said something that really got me thinking. He said “when you look in my eyes, you see only one thing, right?” and I shook my head. He was surprised. When I look into peoples eyes I see what they want to say but are too afraid to say. I see stories that I can’t read. I see a beautiful mixture of colors that make a person unique. I see the tears that will eventually come. I see feelings that are hidden deep within them. I look into his eyes, I realize how lucky I am.

Yup, I am really corny… and a little cute <3


Good Morning.

The sun  peeks in-between the clouds

Your arms are  draping around me

Its like a blanket that doesn’t give off heat

Just comfort

You let out a quiet moan and turn over

I look out at the awakening world

And think how lucky I am that I can wake up

With you next to me

Birds begin to chirp

Car engines start

And dogs bark

Your hand glides up my back

You have risen

I close my eyes and pretend I am sleeping

But you know me too well

You start to tickle me until I laugh

I turn over and look into your brown eyes

“Good Morning” you whisper close to my lips

Yes,  Good Morning indeed.

Sarah. <3

What is Love Really?

Tonight I was watching a marathon of the show Four Weddings,which is about 4 brides who go to each others wedding and vote which wedding is the best based on venue,dress,food, and overall experience. As I continued to watch it, it reminded me of what I thought of what love is really all about . I wrote this a month ago, but it explains what is love to me. I hope you fee the same. 

As I look at people holding hands I wonder what they are feeling. How two people can openly be public about how they feel about each other and not really care what people really think. When I had a boyfriend, I never was like that. I always wanted to be reserved. To me, it felt like I was showing the world something that was really none of their business to see. I guess when I see people holding hands walking around campus; I am supposed to feel happy for them. I strangely don’t. Actually, I find it really pathetic. Maybe I’m just jealous.I wouldn’t be flaunting my relationship to complete strangers.

I saw these two men holding hands at this seminar I was attending, I wouldn’t usually think anything of it but something about those two men caught my eye. The love they had for one another was radiating off them. It was something I had never seen in my life. With only looking at them from the corner of my eye, I proceeded to watch them kiss each other on the cheek. I thought that was pushing it a little over the edge. It wasn’t like I was watching it for entertainment, I was watching because there something beautiful about the whole moment.

I believe people love things they will never be able to have. I know do. I’m in with love an older guy.  I think it’s even harder for someone to long for a love they will never get in return, then to never have one at all. I know it breaks my heart knowing he can be with another woman, and never with me. When I fell in love with him, it wasn’t because he did something to make it happen. It was that he cared about me. Love is all about giving a shit about people. In the world we live in now, that doesn’t usually happen.

Some people believe that love means material objects. Some women think that the amount of karats on their fingers determines the amount of love their significant other has for them. This statement is absolutely false. It shows how much of a gold digger she really is. Love isn’t about fancy dinners, breakfast in bed (which is always very nice) and expensive jewelry, it’s about the simpler, cheaper things in life.

I believe when you are in love it’s a feeling unlike any other. It’s common to be unsure if you are actually in love. I know I second guess myself a lot of the time in my life. I think how can I be in love with someone who doesn’t love me? How can I care for someone more then I have ever cared about anyone? When I see couples who are doing their bridal registries at my job, I wonder how they knew that other person was “the one”.

I honestly think your heart must know. Throughout life, people have fallen in and out of love but, it’s all about trial and error. With every relationship you have, it’s another lesson learned. But when you fine “the one” it’s as if you are ready for the real deal. You are ready to go into the boxing ring of life, and fight for what you love.

Love isn’t all about holding hands in the hallways, or chocolate on Valentine’s Day. It’s all about the respect you give to another person. It could be your mother, father, husband, children, boyfriend, girlfriend or simply your friend. To me, love is all about the surprises. It’s about the simple text message when you’re having a bad day, or having them visit you at the job you dread. With me, it’s about the simple things that made me fall in love. It wasn’t about the crappy dinners we’ve had or the endless amounts of shitty coffee I’ve consumed. It’s all about the company. If you’re in the company of someone who cares and respects you, the material things seem to fade away. And at that moment, its love.