Big Decisions.

I’ve been making big decisions lately.

I think this was the best one I have made.

Thanks for making it the best time of my life.




Get Off The Road.

I think I starting to develop a bit of road rage….

This afternoon I was driving home from work and a woman passed me on the right and rode the shoulder to cut me off. #1 Riding the shoulder is illegal( I just got a ticket, I know) and #2 you shouldn’t pass someone on the right, as long as they turning left on a side street,  then that’s fine. But I was turning right so thats illegal.. Since getting my ticket for riding the shoulder a little over a week ago, I have been extra cautious driving. I hate cops, I can’t deal with cops so if I don’t do anything wrong, I won’t have to  deal with them. New Jersey cops aren’t the nicest people in world and espically to teenagers, they are even worse. Even though I am 19 and barely a teenager, they still look at me as an inexperienced driver.

So anyway going back to this woman, As I was driving behind her, I decided I was going to follow her because I thought it was wrong and I was already slightly aggraviated for another stupid reason that doesn’t really matter but why not add fuel to the fire, shall we? Anyway so I pulled into the parking lot she pulled into ( a  church, ironically) I rolled down the window and started to explain to her ( between calling her an asshole) that she was wrong and that noone was going to cut me off and that her actions were illegal and that she was lucky that I didn’t call the cops. She didn’t care, and insulted my car, and my driving expereince ( because grown adults drive sooo much better..) I called her more than asshole a couple more times and zoomed out of the parking lot. 

After leaving the church, I was shaking I was so mad. I have never been so mad at a stranger just because of their driving. Every once in a while when I am mad at the drivers for going to slow or cutting me off,  I scream at the people but not directly at that. But I know I will not be forgotten today. When I got home, I was mad and I told my mom what happened. She told me that people could be crazy and pull guns out and kill you, but I find that hard to believe. 

Some people shouldn’t be able to get their drivers license…ever. 



Love at the Golden Arches

I’ve never understood why

The middle finger was such an insult

And then I became a driver

I also don’t understand why you had to cut me off

From the left lane

And beeline to the nearest McDonalds.

Do you realize how fat you looked?

You should have seen your face

When you got out of your car

And threw your middle finger in my direction

You should only know

That your muffin top was peaking out

From under your belly shirt

That was stained with God knows what.

I continued to drive away through the green light

Like it’s another checkpoint

In the car racing game

Usually found in arcades.

I think of you, that grimy woman

Ordering a 20 piece chicken nugget

And a medium fry.

I wonder if you ate a salad you would be happier

You would able fit behind the steering wheel

Of your 1978 Lincoln towncar.

But looking at your crusty bent middle finger

Pointed in my direction

I see there is more than just your weight

That clouds your happiness

But I hope one day

You find happiness

Even  if it’s between two hamburger buns,

At least it’s somewhere

True story bro…. hope it made you giggle. 


A Message Behind You.

I really love looking at license plates, and while sitting in hours and hours worth of beach traffic,I can tell you I have seen  some interesting license plates. I personally know my license plate number by heart just incase someone annouces  it over the loud speaker  at a store because I’m parked in the wrong place (It’s happened)

But over my course of driving, I’ve seen a couple of interesting license plates that I actually took pictures of, I wonder if that is considered creepy.

I actually saw this ^  the other day while driving to the gym. My friend Cheekz and I were have a pretty heart to heart deep conversation  when I stopped at a red light, turned my head,started laughing and took out my phone ( the Iphone does wonders) It ruined the entire conversation but I really am happy someone is that clever… ( AMERICA HAS SOME HOPE!)

I saw this license plate on my journey to Nashville Tennessee. It was funny because my mom and I were trying to see where they were going. It was a group of old ladies which made it even more perfect. They didn’t go to Tennessee, I think they went to Atlantic City, but I am not sure.

There was another one I saw that was by far my favorite. I unfortunately did not get a picture of  it ( I was not part of iphone nation at that time) We were in Virginia on our way home from Disney and we stopped at a rest area to go to the bathroom, My friend turns to me and shows  me the best license plate in the history of time. It said KRIPA (Creep-AH) I almost died. It was so awesome, why would one put that on their license, and than I thought about it. I would defiantly do that. As my nickname which I have grown to love, I would defiantly get QKRIPA as a license plate. ( Q stands for Queen, obviously).

My Dad has one with his initials on them and my uncle has his first name. I don’t know if I would want a personal license plate. Its funny seeing them though, when thinking about getting a personal license plate when does getting YADA 3X go into someones head? I love the American Driver.


Home is Where the Rainbows End.

Today as I was driving home, I saw  a rainbow. In New Jersey, you hardly see rainbows so this rainbow sighting was pretty cool. For some reason, when I see rainbows, I always go back to my childhood. When I was really little, my mom used to yell from outside the house whenever a rainbow would show up. I would run out and together her and I would look up and watch the rainbow until it faded. We both thought they were beautiful. I remember I used to wonder why I could only see a few colors and not the whole rainbow. The rainbows I saw growing up used to fade quickly, but today I drove through the rainbow, I thought that was really cool. It looked like an arch over my town. I felt like I was finally home, because once I got to my town, the rainbow had faded. I still managed to take few pictures while driving because I couldn’t waste that incredible,pure,childlike moment. 

Have a Good Night. 


The Moving Population.

I enjoy going to red bank because I see things like   this ^. I wish I had a car like that. This totally proves my point that all cars have emotion and when we are not looking, they talk to eachother… just like the Cars Movies. I don’t really like watching animated films but seriously this car, is probably that really innoying person that never shuts up which reminded me of the movie. The different Headlights of cars all have different types of personalities. Think about your car? My car is defiantly a chick, and it only likes me. It never lets me down and in some ways that car knows more about me than some people do. I think your first car is the most important. Your first car holds the most memories… well atleast mine does. I Love my car for not only bringing me from place to place safe but being the security blanket whenever I get nervous. If I don’t want to be somewhere I can just get in my car and leave. I am not trapped there or having to awkwardly wait for my mom to come pick me up. I enjoy being a driver on the road but driving is a privilege, not a right and people should not take advantage of that right by not being safe. I am not the best driver but I am not putting other people in danger purposely.I am not an idiot like some.

Always be safe on the road… its a scary world out there.